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"We were fortunate because as NASCAR was growing and expanding, we grew and expanded along with the teams," [Mike] Mittler said. "We became the supplier that built tools and machines for them."—“ From NASCAR to drag racing, Mittler Bros. are in the garage – by Eric Becker” by Eric Becker—quoted from Warrenton Journal post on STL Today/Suburban Journal website

Automotive Parts Equipment and Cost-Effective Fabrication

Our shear brake press equipment provides cost-effective solutions for small shops, race teams, automotive restorations, vintage aircraft restorations (and new fabrications also), boating/marine vehicle manufacturers, and for general repairs for equipment, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles and equipment, and even for industrial automation and re-tooling.

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As many racing circuits have grown in popularity over the last three decades, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products has been right there with the teams providing essential automotive fabrication equipment, custom car parts and innovative product designs to meet the custom automotive needs of US racing, and racing worldwide.

Mittler Bros. has led the way in innovative designs for metal shear brake press equipment, sheet metal brakes, custom automotive parts, notchers, tube benders, cutters, presses, sheet metal fabrication brakes, and other equipment that is affordable and necessary for smaller machine or repair shops. Mittler Bros. sheet metal brakes are ideal for smaller machine shops and for custom parts fabrication.

Shear Brakes or Shear Brake Press

As with many types of equipment, there are many names, such as shear brake press or shear brakes. These types of sheet metal fabrication brakes that are ideal for smaller businesses that need to repair vehicles or equipment, and customize or fabricate specialized parts (frequently for repairs).

Our metal brakes and shear brake press equipment are affordable and cost-effective solutions for racing teams and smaller businesses and our sheet metal brakes include:

  • 52” Foot Shear Brakes—52” sheet metal cutting clearance and a foot shear control with accessories allow your shop considerable flexibility with panel fabrications (automotive, aircraft skins, boating construction, custom work, etc.); a steel work table and back gauge kit (optional) and other accessories give your machinists the flexibility that they need to finish the job—and finish it right the first time
  • Ultimate Box and Pan Brake—48” and 72” (with floor stand) box and pan brakes, aka shear or siding brakes; unique movable, segmented three-finger design allows for curved and custom bend fabrications that tend to be very difficult for smaller fabricators
  • 22 Gauge Brakes—72" 22 gauge brake at 1/2" x 72" long with upper radius brake (optional) and straight brakes (72" or 96" wide) for flat sheet metal parts fabrications
  • 16 Gauge Brakes available
  • Radius Brakes—6' and 8' radius brake models each with 5 radii, radius bars, accessories
  • Miscellaneous parts and accessories for shear brake press and radius equipment includes: adjustable apron stops, standard back gauge kits, finger kit styles (several models), replacement parts (bars, fingers, etc.), and an extensive selection of manual metalworking or metal forming tools

Mittler Bros. also designs, engineers and manufacturers presses, bench presses, hydraulic presses, and the accessories that you will need for standard and custom sheet metal fabrications. Our products are proudly made in Missouri and shipped nationwide and globally.

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