Sheet Metal Brake

Sheet Metal Brake Equipment and Parts from Mittler Bros.

Durable “Made in the USA” Sheet Metal Brake Equipment

Sheet metal brake equipment systems and parts are a value-added investment for small repair shops, racing teams, automotive shops, industrial shops, and even for airplane manufacturers. Since all of our products are durable, dependable, flexible-use, multi-application equipment, you can rely on the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products to get the job done.

In addition, when you buy from Mittler Bros. you know you are buying reliable equipment from a US manufacturer. We manufacture sheet metal brake equipment and other automotive and aviation repair equipment that are ideal for panel replacements, difficult-to-bend sheet metal parts specifications, and for industrial/manufacturing assembly applications.

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Sheet Metal Brake Systems and Parts

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products produces sheet metal brake equipment that is ideal for small shop applications. Whether you race cars, need custom automotive parts, have machinists repairing cars, trucks and other vehicles, or you just need equipment that give you more options for bending, cutting and fabricating panels and parts, then you need sheet metal brake equipment that will stand the test of time and usage.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products sheet metal brake systems and accessories include:

  • Sheet Metal Brake Partssheet metal brakes that are ideal for custom and standard automotive side panel fabrications, replacements for damaged door panels, front or rear panels
    • Sheet metal brake parts include box and pan brakes, radius brakes, shear brakes and other essential accessories
  • Ultimate Box and Pan Brake – box and pan brakes (48” and 72” with floor stand), pan brakes, and siding brakes
    • Our unique design with three fingers allows small machine shops to fabricate difficult sheet metal bends
    • Upper set back (wrenchless) adjustment options
    • Models include multiple upper fingers, bed fingers and apron fingers
    • Heavy duty floor stand for 48” pan/sheet metal brakes
  • 22 Gauge Brakes – 22 gauge capacity brakes that are ideal for small machine shops and repair businesses
    • Radius Brake - 72" 22 gauge brake at 1/2" x 72" long measurement
    • Upper Radius Brake – optional radius brakes for 72” long model
    • Sheet Metal Straight Brake 72" or 96" wide
  • Radius Brakes – Mittler Bros.’ radius brakes are designed for racing teams and small automotive shops – particularly for panel fabrication
    • 6' Radius Brake and 8' Radius Brake with 5 radii (4 Radius Tubes & 1 Radius Head)
    • Radius bars – 48” and 72” size models
    • Mittler Bros.’ radius brakes are ideal for panel fabrications and difficult to fabricate bends in panels
  • 52” Foot Shear Brakes
    • 52” cutting clearance
    • Foot shear control
    • Steel work table
    • Back Gauge Kit for Ultimate 52" Foot Shear (optional)
    • Ideal for panel fabrications for cars, racing cars, quarter midgets, go-karts, heavy vehicles, custom work and even for airplane repairs
  • Miscellaneous Sheet Metal Brake and Radius Brake Accessories include:
    • Apron stop (adjustable)
    • Back gauge kits
    • Wide variety of finger kits
    • Replacement parts
    • Metal forming and manual metalworking tools available

Custom Industrial Automation

Mittler Bros. offers custom industrial automation services and equipment. If you need specialized, custom equipment or finished products, please contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products with you equipment specifications.

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