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Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products is a leading Missouri manufacturer of a wide range of tools that are essential for any racing team, auto body shop, automotive repair shop or general industrial or machine shop.  Whether your business requires custom, automated industrial solutions to bench presses, to Shrinker/Stretchers, to aircraft tools or just general machine shop, sheet metal hand tools and equipment, you can find what you are looking for at Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products.

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Handheld Metalworking Tools for Your Shop

Mittler Brothers has many metal forming hand tools, or sheet metal hand tools, including a wide range of useful machine shop tools for manipulating, bending, crimping, cutting or otherwise fashioning sheet metal into the shapes that you need for replacement panels, custom work, replacement parts, or even for metal fine art applications.  Review the product descriptions at our online store for more information.

We offer racing teams, machine shops and automotive shops sheet metal hand tools including:

  • Hammers and Mallets
    • Blocking Hammers—these are ideal hammers for roughing or blocking high-dome shapes in aluminum or steel
    • Bossing Mallets—these are extra deep reach mallets with double radii heads; these are useful for a wide range of metalworking applications; mallets are available in 8 oz., 11 oz. and 13 oz. sizes
    • Plastic Mallets—handy mallets that are essential tools for any machine shop; these mallets are high-quality, no-mar head (UHMW Plastic) plastic mallets with genuine hickory handles; mallets are available in 19 oz., 24 oz. and 30 oz. sizes
    • Wooden Mallets—all purpose traditional style wooden mallets that are excellent tools for a wide range of metalworking applications; these mallets are available in 2 ½”, 2 ¾” and 3” diameters

  • T-Dollies, Slappers and Shot Bags
    • 12” Shot Bag—bags are unfilled; this shot bag has a suede outer finish with a tanned inner surface that is an ideal tool for blemish-free metal working applications
    • 18” Shot Bag—same product description as the 12” Shot Bag, just a larger item
    • Slappers—simple tools that are truly a useful tool to have in a machine shop; ideal for fine metal shaping applications; our slappers are available as Curved Wood Slapper, Flat Wood Slapper or Round Wood Slapper styles
    • Straight T-Dollies—T-Dollies can be handheld or used in a vise and are usually used to form flanges and edges by hammering the sheet metal over the dolly; available in ½” x 4”, ¾” x 6”, and 1” x 8” sizes
    • Curved T-Dollies—same usage specifications as Straight T-Dollies; curved T-Dollies are available as Gentle Curve T-Dolly, Crescent T-Dolly or Slope T-Dolly styles

  • Pliers, Seamers and Snips
    • Fluting Pliers—frequently used to form and stiffen ribs in cowling; the smaller version is more exacting; pliers have plastic grip handles
    • Hand Seamers—standard Hand Seamer has a 1” deep x 3-½” wide throat and is ideal for forming precise folds and seams; the Offset Seamer has a 1-¼” deep x 3-1/8” wide throat and the design allows for additional leverage
    • High Capacity Offset Snips—available as Right Cut High Capacity Offset Snips or Left Cut High Capacity Offset Snips; both models have an 18 gauge mild steel capacity; and the alloy steel jaws have grooved tips and serrated upper jaws for optimal performance

  • Rivet Guns
    • Swivel Riveting Tool—this tool rivets in any position and has a 360˚ rotation; this model pulls 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16” rivets; additionally this tool is designed with an extended nose, high leverage handles is fabricated from hardened steel for a long product lifecycle
    • Air Rivet Gun—lightweight design, but is a heavy-duty, professional-grade tool; this model also sets 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16” aluminum and steel blind rivets without adjustment by just changing the nose bushing

Of course Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products has a wide range of other sheet metal hand tools including Beverly Shears, Clecos (Cleco pliers, Cleco kits and side grip clamps), Bead Rollers and many other useful tools including larger machinery and accessories.  We ship projects throughout the United States and worldwide.

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