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If you are looking for a sheet metal shrinker stretcher, a slitter, shears, sheet metal fabrication brakes or other equipment for parts fabrication or custom work, then you probably need flexible-use tools designed to last for a long time. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products designs, engineers and manufactures a wide selection of useful, durable and dependable machine shop tools. With over 30 years of innovative designs and manufacturing machine shop fabrication tools for repair work, parts manufacturing, automotive fabrications, aircraft (find aircraft tools) and marine applications, and considerable experience in designing industrial automation equipment, Mittler Bros., is your source for the tools you need for aluminum, mild steels, alloys, and other softer metals. We are your one-stop machine shop fabrication tools manufacturer.

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Sheet Metal Shrinker Stretcher Tools and Accessories

A sheet metal shrinker stretcher can speed up your parts production, sheet metal panel fabrications or other items. Whether in a machine shop, used as a portable unit for repairs on the racing circuit (or a work site), or as a standard sheet metal fabrication tool, sheet metal shrinker stretcher tools are quite useful.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufacturers the following shrinker stretcher parts:

  • Power Shrinker Stretcher Complete Set – this is the complete sheet metal shrinker stretcher with base; made of 3/8” steel plating for extra durability; ideal for bending 14 gauge aluminum, 16 gauge mild steel, 19 gauge stainless steel and other sheet metals; also includes power unit kit with shrinker body and stretcher body, cartridges, jaws, and removable vinyl grip handle
  • Shrinker Stretcher Combination Unit – comes with one shrinker stretcher combination body unit, shrinker jaws (one), stretcher jaws (one), and a removable grip handle
  • Shrinker Stretcher Set – comes with one shrinker stretcher body pair (additional pairs available and sold separately), one shrinker body with jaws and handle (removable), and a stretcher body with jaws and removable handle
  • Complete Shrinker Stretcher Kit – this is the power kit for the Mittler shrinker stretcher without the cartridges and bodies; this is the power kit for the Complete Power Shrinker/Stretcher unit mentioned above as well
  • Individual Bodies – shrinker body with jaws and removable handle and/or a stretcher body with jaws and removable handle
  • Shrinker and Stretcher Bodiesshrinker stretcher replacement parts, replacement body only, replacement vinyl handle or replacement shrinker jaws or replacement stretcher jaws
  • Shrinker Stretcher Deep Throat for Press Tooling – new product

We also manufacture related equipment including slitters, Beverly shears, snips, offset snips and a wide selection of metalworking hand tools. Contact Mittler Bros. for all of your required automotive repair/auto body parts. We also design and engineer custom industrial automation tooling solutions for manufacturers and industrial companies; Mittler Bros. equipment is designed and manufactured in the US and shipped nationwide.

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