Shrinker Stretcher

Shrinker/Stretcher Equipment for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrications

The Right Mittler Bros. Tools for Your Machinists

The right tool for the job is always a Mittler Bros. tool. Along with bending, cutting and sheet metal finishing equipment, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures automotive or sheet metal shrinker/stretchers and replacement parts. Mittler Bros. fabricates and ships tools nationwide from our production facility just west of St. Louis—that is right, our tools are “American Made in Missouri.”

Additionally, Mittler Bros. products are some of the most dependable tools you can have for racing teams, automotive parts manufacturers, auto body shops, automotive repair shops, machine shops, manufacturers and industrial companies. In fact, many of our products are designed for high-end automotive specifications, and yet are ideal for a wide range of aviation and boating/marine applications, parts manufacturing and repairs.

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Mittler Bros. Shrinker and Stretcher Units and Parts

Are you looking for durable, long-lasting shrinker/stretchers for light sheet metal fabrication? Mittler Bros. “Blue” products, including our shrinkers, stretchers, and accessories are extremely effective sheet metal fabrication tools for aluminum, mild steels and stainless steel.

Our shrinker/stretcher product line includes:

  • Power Shrinker/Stretcher (Complete with Kit) – complete unit with base made of 3/8” steel plating for extra durability; shrinker/stretchers are ideal for bending aluminum and other mild sheet metals
    • Maximum Sheet Metal Capacity
      • Aluminum at 14 gauge (0.062”)
      • Mild Steels at 16 gauge (0.06”)
      • Stainless Steel at 19 gauge (0.043”)
    • Complete power unit kit with shrinker body/stretcher body, jaws, cartridges and removable handle
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Unit
    • One shrinker/stretcher combination body
    • One set of shrinker jaws
    • One set of stretcher jaws
    • One removable handle
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Set
    • One shrinker/stretcher body pair (additional pairs available)
    • One shrinker body with jaws and handle (removable)
    • One stretcher body with jaws and handle (removable)
  • Complete Kit – power kit only less cartridges and bodies; this is the power kit for the Complete Power Shrinker/Stretcher unit
  • Individual Bodies
    • Shrinker Body - 1 Shrinker body with jaws and removable handle
    • Stretcher Body - 1 Stretcher body with jaws and removable handle
  • Shrinker/Stretcher Bodies
    • Shrinker Jaws – replacement part
    • Stretcher Jaws – replacement part
    • Replacement body only
    • Replacement handle with vinyl grip

Affordable, Innovative Tools for Machine Shops

With Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products, you can always rely on well-built, extremely durable tools. Our products are affordable for small repair shops, racing teams, automotive restorations and small shops, but our product lines are also reliable, dependable, and sturdy enough for sheet metal fabrications production for manufacturing and assembly. We carry an extensive line of sheet metal fabrication tools, accessories and parts. Contact us for other equipment requirements.

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