Shrinker Stretcher Jaws

Sheet Metal Shrinker Stretcher Jaws for Fabrications

Shrinker Stretcher Jaws and Fabrication Equipment

Sheet metal fabrications are a lot easier with shrinker stretcher jaws and sheet metal shrinker stretcher sets. Our sets and kits come with shrinker jaws, stretcher jaws and other accessories. Although complex curves and bends can require multiple uses or strokes of shrinker stretcher jaws for metal forming, the process is considerably quicker than without using the correct equipment for the job.

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products fabricates durable, reliable and long-lasting equipment including replacement parts for shrinker stretcher sets including shrinker jaws and stretcher jaws. If you need to replace fenders, panels, aircraft skin, hoods, boat parts or other sheet metal fabrications for vehicles and equipment, then you need to have a reliable shrinker stretcher combination in your machine shop.

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Machine Shop Shrinker Stretchers and Shrinker Stretcher Jaws

Custom sheet metal panels with complex bends, curves, or multiple sheet metal layers require a bit of planning and the right tools. With a shrinker stretcher combination unit or set, you can rely on an effective tool for metal forming tasks regardless of whether those tasks are for OEM product fabrications, repairs, custom work or for replacing exterior vehicle, aircraft or boat parts that are no longer manufactured.

Our sheet metal shrinker stretcher products include jaws with shrinker stretcher sets, combination units or as replacement parts. Mittler Bros. manufactures shrinker stretcher jaws for Mittler Bros. or for other standard size units. Our jaws work with maximum sheet metal capacities for aluminum at 14 gauge (0.062”), mild steels at 16 gauge (0.06”), and stainless steels at 19 gauge (0.043”). Rely on these extremely useful sheet metal part fabrication tools in your machine shop.

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Just a Few Uses for Shrinker Stretcher Jaws

Our product line of shrinker and stretcher jaws, shrinker stretcher sets, shrinker stretcher deep throat for press tooling, tools and accessories are used widely for:

  • Custom racecar fabrications, particularly for vehicles under 1000 lbs.—racing teams in NASCAR, Bandolero, Quads, Formula SAE, quarter-midgets, go-karts and for other vehicle class racing use our shrinkers and stretchers in the shop and for repairs on the road!
  • Aircraft panel, skin, wing and fuselage parts fabrication for vintage aircraft (World War II) restorations, for use at air shows, and for aircraft parts fabrication by equipment manufacturers.
  • Automotive fabricators, repair shops, auto body shops, machine shops and even for DIYers or automotive restoration enthusiasts.
  • Manufacturing and repair in boating/marine applications including construction, replacing parts and for use in recreational watercraft assembly.
  • Parts manufacturing.
  • Custom work and custom fabrications/upgrades for vehicles and equipment.
  • Industrial applications, construction equipment repairs (and assembly), commercial-grade vehicles, and for many other uses.

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