Small Manual Bench Press

A New, Small Manual Bench Press Is Now Available

Mountable, Small Manual Bench Press from an American Manufacturer

Mittler Brothers announces a new product release in our Bench Press line.  This portable, Small Mountable Bench Press is ideal for general production work, shop use, fabricating sheet metal panels, and is quite handy around the shop.  You can mount this manual press on the Mittler Brothers Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press (3-Ton Capacity), onto a shop table or a stationary or well-built, stable tool stand—we sell those also.  Any machine shop, automotive repair shop, racing team, mechanic or any automotive maintenance or fleet operation can benefit from this Small Manual Bench Press.  We design many of our pieces of shop equipment and high-end automotive parts with the racing circuits, this press is compact, portable and ideal for use in the shop or even at the racetrack.

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Features and Product Information about the Small Manual Bench Press

This press is really useful and easy to use.  We offer customers a compact design, an easily portable Small Manual Bench Press that you can mount on tables, tool stands, or in the case of one of the innovative design features, mount directly on our Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press.  Take a minute or two to review the product features and general specifications on this press.

The Small Manual Bench Press (Part #2240-1M) includes:

  • —One Spring Loaded Center
  • —One Lower Punch/Flare Adapter & Bolts
  • —One Upper Punch/Flare Adapter & Bolts
  • —Hole Drill Template

The main features of this rugged Small Bench Press include:

  • —Usable as a Standard Press or as an Arbor Press
  • —Durable, rugged 5/16” steel plate, welded construction
  • —4" Deep Throat
  • —Mount Tooling for your shop use—straight-in-use or you can rotate the press for 90° for side-to-side applications
  • —3” Maximum clearance between tooling
  • —Bronze bushings for long product lifecycle
  • —The press is mountable on any stable surface, shop table or well-built stand using the included Hole Drill Template
  • —This press may be mounted on either side of our Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press (3-Ton) (Model #2240-2M)
  • —Ideal small press for general production work
  • —Ideal small press for custom sheet metal work or repairs to automotive panels, airplane skins or similar thin metal applications
  • —Fits the Mittler Brothers line of  Punch & Flares/Punches and sets
  • —Accepts all of Mittler Brothers Bench Press and Tooling Accessories including:  90° Bend, Corner Punch, Corner Radius Punch, Louver Punch/Die, Punch & Die Mounting Kit (Round, Oblong and Square Punches), Punch & Flares, Shear, and/or Shrinker/Stretcher Deep Throat
  • —Tooling & Dies are not included

Learn about Additional Bench Presses and Shop Machinery

Mittler Bros. manufactures other machine shop equipment and accessories including additional Bench Presses.  We manufacture machine shop presses including a Manual Bench Press (3-Ton Capacity), a Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press (3-Ton Capacity), a Four-Sided, Manual Bench Press (3-Ton Capacity), an Hydraulic Bench Press (5-Ton Capacity), an Hydraulic Bench Press (10-Ton Capacity), Bench Press Tooling and Accessories.  Additionally, Mittler Brothers manufactures and sells Hydraulic Pumps (with hoses and fittings), Louver Press Kits, Louver Punches, Tool Stands and other Bench Press products.

Visit the Mittler Brothers store in order to review this particular press and other durable, highly useful shop equipment.  We have a wide range of accessory products for presses and other equipment. We design, engineer and manufacture this items and many other products in the U.S.A.  We ship throughout the country and to customers throughout the world.

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