Stationary Tool Stands

Stationary Tool Stands and Equipment Stands with Locking Casters

Stationary Tool Stands Made in America

Sheet metal fabrication equipment, accessories and stationery tool stands are available direct to racing teams, auto body shops, automotive repair shops, manufacturing and industrial machine shops, aircraft builders, or any company requiring sturdy, durable steel-frame tool stands for daily usage.  Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of tool and equipment stands in the USA, just west of St. Louis.  We ship products throughout the United States and worldwide.

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Well-Built Stationary Tool Stands

We design, engineer, and manufacture a very wide assortment of tooling products and equipment tailored primarily for the automotive and aircraft industries, and even for racing teams—we are huge fans of all the major racing circuits!  Regardless of your business, if you need tool stands, you can rely on products from Mittler Brothers to last for a very long time.

Our durable, stationary tool stands (universal, stationery or for specific types of sheet metal fabrication equipment) all have steel frames.  You can choose equipment that meets your company’s requirements including:

Equipment Stands with Locking Casters

Mittler Bros. fabricates other very useful machine shop equipment stands for sheet metal fabrication equipment.  These stands all have locking casters for easy use and safety.  Our tool stands and metal fabrication equipment stands are manufactured utilizing steel for added reliability and longevity.

You can choose tool stands with locking casters including:

  • Bead Roller Stand with Locking Casters – this stand is a two-piece, gusseted, bolt-together design fabricated for use with Mittler bead rollers; we do recommend using 36” or smaller Bead Roller models for the best results
  • Optional Floor Stand with Locking Casters - includes a storage shelf, steel-frame construction and locking casters for easy mobility and safe working conditions; this model works on the Mittler 2210-H Hydraulic Bench Press or 2900 English Wheel
  • Roll Around Stand (Tube Notcher) – this tool stand features a Double Plug-in Box, locking casters and plenty of convenient, cutter storage space
  • Universal Tool Stand – this is our three-wheeled tool stand utilizing locking casters (one caster swivels while the other two wheels are stationary); this model accommodates Mittler 2200-M Manual and 2200-H Hydraulic Bench Presses, 2700 & 2700-24 Planishing Hammers, 100 and 100-U Hydraulic Tube Notchers, and our 560 Power Shrinker/Stretcher

Industrial Automation Tooling Solutions

Our design and engineering personnel can help your company with general product development including consultation, equipment design, engineering, and fabrication services.  We offer rapid product or equipment prototyping, so that, we can meet the needs of a very diverse commercial clientele.

For businesses, manufacturers, industrial concerns or any company that needs industrial automation tooling solutions, be sure to contact us.  We can assist your business design and fabricate equipment that will meet your industrial automation equipment and tooling requirements.  Our design and engineering personnel meet with clients that need specialized tools, customized equipment and stands for custom-fabricated machinery.  Your company’s representative(s) or team members are welcome to work closely with our design and engineering team.

At Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products, we are committed to helping our clients determine and utilize available catalog equipment and tools.  This commitment parallels our desire to help customers procure standardized equipment for their daily business applications.  Additionally, by providing automotive companies, repair shops, manufacturers, and industrial machine shops with standardized or custom-built equipment, you can most likely expedite your assembly and manufacturing tasks.

Choose Durable Tool Stands from Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products

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