Throatless Shear

Throatless Shear Tools or Beverly Shears from Mittler Bros.

Throatless Shear Tools for Accurate Sheet Metal Fabrications

Throatless shear or slitter tools (commonly called Beverly shears, sheet metal shears, metal cutting shears or even guillotine shears) are available direct from the manufacturer, Mittler Bros. We design, engineer and fabricate sheet metal cutting, bending, shearing tools and accessories that are affordable for small businesses, race teams, classic car restorations, DIYer projects, for machinists, auto body shops, and even for general manufacturing.

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Each throatless shear is an all-purpose metal cutting tool that is ideal for accurate cuts in sheet metal fabrications that may have complex cuts, curves, bends or other shaping specifications. Mittler Bros.’ throatless shear tools are ideal for machine shop sheet metal fabrications since the metal can be turned to almost any position during the cutting process. Upper and lower blades on the Beverly shears provide an accurate, knurl-free cut, regardless of material thickness. Our units may be installed on a bench mount in most cases.

Beverly throatless shears are ideal sheet metal cutting tools. These shears allow machinists to cut and form metal in heavy gauges and lighter gauges without distortion metal; cut are clean. All throatless shear equipment models use high carbon/high chrome blades and are “Made in the USA”—actually, near St. Louis, so, you can rely on American made tools that are durable and have a long usage lifetime.

Mittler Bros. Throatless Shear and Slitter Equipment

Our standard Beverly shears, blades and parts include:

  • 14 Gauge Throatless Shear (Beverly Shear)
  • Specifications for 14 Gauge Unit – weighs 18 lbs., 14 gauge mild steel cutting capacity, 18 gauge stainless steel cutting capacity, 18” height (not including the handle), 4-¼” blade length, and high carbon/high chrome blade replacements available
  • 10 Gauge Throatless Shear (Beverly Shear)
  • Specifications for 10 Gauge Unit – weights 35 lbs., 10 gauge mild steel cutting capacity, 14 gauge stainless steel cutting capacity, 15” height (not including the handle), 4-3/8” blade length, and high carbon/high chrome replacement blades available
  • 7 Gauge Throatless Shear (Beverly Shear)
  • Specifications for 7 Gauge Unit – weighs 58 lbs., 7 gauge mild steel cutting capacity, 10 gauge stainless cutting capacity, 15” height, 5-5/8” blade length and replacement high carbon/high chrome blades available

Additional shearing equipment from Mittler Bros. includes:

  • Slitting Beverly Shear
  • Specifications for Slitting Beverly Shear - 10.5 lbs weight with high carbon/high chrome blades, 10 gauge mild steel slitting capacity, 3/16” mild steel trimming capacity, 3/16” x 2” bar stock capacity, 8” height (less handle length), 3-½” blade lengths, and a 14 gauge stainless steel cutting capacity
  • Replacement Cutting Blades - (high carbon/high chrome) for all models including 7 gauge, 10 gauge and 14 gauge models

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products also manufactures a range of sheet metal shears, sheet metal brakes, metalworking tools, handheld metal forming tools (snips, offset snips, cutters, mallets, bossing mallets, etc.) that are ideal for finishing your parts and/or automotive panel fabrications.

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