Throatless Shears

Throatless Shears – Beverly Shears and Replacement Blades

Versatile-Use Metal Shears from Mittler Bros.

Throatless shears are versatile metal fabricating tools used for cutting sheet metals. By utilizing throatless shears, machinists, DIYers and automotive repair personnel (and even by manufacturers or customization workshops) can cut sheet metal to almost any desired length. Additionally, sheet metal may be turned in any direction, easily. Machinists can follow notches or irregular cut lines when fabricating parts using throatless shears. Unlike many sheet metal fabricating techniques, the sheet metal does not distorted when users follow complex or unusual cutting patterns.

The Mittler Bros. product line of Beverly shears and Beverly slitters are affordable for racing teams, small repair shops, auto body shops, DIYers or hobbyists, and even for manufacturing companies. Our throatless shears are ideal for smaller businesses; and we manufacture sheet metal brakes or shear brakes as well. With Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products, you have found a manufacturer with over 30 years of fabrication and innovation experience.

Mittler Bros. shop tools, equipment and parts are fabricated in Missouri, near Saint Louis. Therefore, you can rely on all tools to be “American-Made” and ready to ship anywhere in the USA.

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Throatless Shears or Beverly Shears in Stock

The Mittler Bros. line of commercial-grade or industrial-grade throatless shears (Beverly shears) include:

14 Gauge B-1 Throatless Beverly Shear

  • Specifications for 14 Gauge B-1 Throatless Beverly Shear
    • Weight is 18 lbs.
    • 14 gauge mild steel capacity
    • 18 gauge stainless capacity
    • 18” height (Less handle length)
    • 4-¼” blade length

10 Gauge B-2 Throatless Beverly Shear

7 Gauge B-3 Throatless Beverly Shear

  • Specifications for 7 Gauge Throatless Beverly Shear
    • Weight is 58 lbs.
    • 7 gauge mild steel capacity
    • 10 gauge stainless capacity
    • 15” height (less the length of the handle)
    • 5-5/8” blade length

Additional shearing equipment manufactured by Mittler Bros. includes:

Slitting Beverly Shears or Slitters

  • Specifications for our Slitting Beverly Shears
    • Weight is 10.5 lbs equipped with high carbon, high chrome blades
    • 3/16” mild steel trimming capacity
    • 3/16” x 2” bar stock capacity
    • 8” height (less handle)
    • 3-½” blade length
    • 10 gauge mild steel slitting capacity
    • 14 gauge stainless capacity
  • Replacement cutting blades for all models
    • 14 Gauge B-1 Throatless Beverly Shear Blades
    • 10 Gauge B-2 Throatless Beverly Shear Blades
    • 7 Gauge B-3 Throatless Beverly Shear blades

Additional Cutting, Shearing and Bending Equipment Is Available

Besides throatless shears, Mittler Bros. also manufacturers a range of metal brakes, box and pan brakes, shear brakes, siding brakes, 22 and 16 gauge brakes and other equipment and accessories for cutting sheet metal for fabrications. Additionally, we also stock a wide range of handheld metal forming or metalworking tools and equipment for complex bends for your sheet metal fabrication requirements.

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