Tube Bending Machine Manufacturer

Tube Bending Machine Manufacturer

Tubing Fabrication Equipment Manufacturer

For durable, reliable, long-lasting tube benders, contact tube bending machine manufacturer Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. With over 30 years of innovative product design and machine shop fabrication equipment engineering experience, Mittler Bros. excels at providing small businesses, racing teams, classic car and vintage aircraft restorers, boating enthusiasts, individuals, DIYers and manufacturing and industrial companies with some of the best metal fabrication equipment on the market. Our tube benders and accessories are designed and manufactured in Missouri, and we ship nationwide and globally—that is right, all of our products are made in the USA.

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Tube Bending Equipment

Whether standard equipment or specialty fabrication equipment for automotive parts, building racecars, making panel fabrications for cars, boats, aircraft or other for other specialty products, you can always rely on the durable and accurate tools made by tube bending machine manufacturer Mittler Bros. Our tube benders, accessories and software give your personnel the edge when creating new parts or designs or when repairing or replacing older parts. Tube benders are ideal for creating framework for vehicles, trailers, security enclosures, roll cages and other structural parts for vehicles.

Mittler Bros. manufacturers a range of tube/pipe bending products including:

  • Hydraulic Tube Benders/Tube Bending Machinery
  • Manual 180˚ Tube Bender/Tube Bending Machinery
    • The manual tube bender uses round or square shoes for pipe/tubing up to 1” O.D.
    • Round and square tube bender shoe sets ranging from ¾” to 3 ½” available
    • Round, round eccentric, square, square eccentric shoes available separately
    • Degree wheel sets available
  • Tube Bending Machinery Accessories and Design Software
    • Adjustable saddles for our 180˚ and 90˚ tube bending machinery
    • Assembly sets
    • Bend protractors for manual calculations
    • Bend stop for 180˚ benders
    • Digital read out monitors for accurate bending
    • Pumps – air and hydraulic
    • Tube bending design software – advanced design software (ideal for vehicle frames and racing security cages for instance) including Bend Tech EZ (popular, entry-level 2D design software) and 3D modeling software Bend Tech EZ-3D and Bend Tech PRO and SE

Custom Fabrication and Industrial Automation

If you need industrial automation equipment, accessories, heavier tube bending machinery or other sheet metal fabrication equipment and tools, then discuss your specifications or project requirements with the design and engineering team at Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products, a tube bending machine manufacturer. With over 30 years of design experience for machine shop tools and also for larger industrial automation tooling, we bring real-world experience, design talent and cost-effective manufacturing techniques to each project.

Our goal is to deliver some of the most dependable equipment available anywhere—and, at affordable prices that fit the budget of almost any mid-sized or small business. Larger manufacturing/industrial fabrication projects are always welcome at Mittler Bros.

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