Tube Bending Machinery

Tube Bending Machinery for Fabrication and Product Finishing

Tube Bending Machinery Applications

Tube bending machinery, tube benders, tube notchers and other sheet metal fabrication equipment from Mittler Bros. have a wide range of applications. Our durable, 3/8” steel plating design for our products guarantees a long equipment life, regardless of usage. Our machinery is designed to meet the needs of automotive/racing customization, manufacturing and assembly requirements and for machine shops and repair shops.

For Durable, Long-Lasting, Commercial-Grade Tube Bending Machinery—Contact Mittler Bros.

Mittler Bros. tube bending machinery is used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Racecar repairs and customization (stock cars/NASCAR, Formula 1s, quarter midgets, hot rods, dragsters, go-karts and other vehicles)
  • Automotive restoration – parts and panels for classic models are scarce and hard to find
  • Automotive repair shops or auto body shops
  • Industrial machine shops
  • Sheet metal fabrication and manipulation for manufacturing and assembly
  • Aviation parts manufacturing – Mittler Bros. has many systems, equipment and tools that are ideal for airplane parts manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and repairs
  • Marine applications – from sheet metal fabrications to manufacturing, our tube bending machinery is ideal for a wide range of boating requirements

Tube Bending Machinery Product Line

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products manufactures a wide range of tube benders, notchers and other equipment in Missouri (just west of St. Louis), so, our equipment is also “Made in the USA”. With over 30 years of experience in sheet metal fabrications, equipment and tool design, we affordable, durable, reliable equipment to meet the needs of race teams, automotive restoration, auto body shops and industrial and manufacturing requirements.

Our product line of tube bending machinery includes:

  • Tube Bending Machinery – 180˚ and 90˚ hydraulic tube benders, 180˚ and 90˚ manual tube benders, 180˚ and 90˚ tube bender shoe sets, portable 90˚ tube bender, adjustable saddles, bend stop, air and electric hydraulic pumps, bend protractors and other accessories
  • Tube Bending Software – 2D and 3D design software for developing blueprints and/or parts design for all of your Mittler Bros. tube benders
  • Tube Notchers – single speed and variable speed tube notchers and accessories, hydraulic tube notchers (standard and heavy duty models), hole saw notchers and miscellaneous equipment and optional parts

Additional Equipment and Services

Mittler Bros. also manufactures a wide range of equipment including brakes, manual brakes, automated brakes, radius brakes, dies, flares, punches, bench presses, manual presses, bead rollers, Louver presses, metal forming hand tools, and many other pieces of equipment for sheet metal fabrication.

With Mittler Bros., you can rely on durable, dependable tube bending machinery and equipment that is made in the USA and available for nationwide shipping.

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