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Tube Bending Software—Design Solutions from Mittler Bros.

Tube Bending Software Solutions

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products offers 2D and 3D design software from Bend-Tech. These easy-to-use software packages ranging from simple 2D design for the hobbyist, DIYer or classic car restorer, to editions for machine shops and racing teams for customized automotive work, to professional 3D design software for parts manufacturing are the solution for individuals or companies wishing to avoid expensive CAD software and training courses.

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Bend-Tech’s tube bending software available direct from Mittler Bros. is the solution for your design predicament with racecars, safety cages, custom automotive design, restorations or other projects.

“I have used the Bend-Tech software for roll cages and other designs and all I can say is that it’s can save you money, no more wasted tube. The program is very easy to use and the measurements are spot on every time.” Testimonial from Chris in CA -

Bend-Tech’s tube bending software provides accurate bend angles, bending locations, cut lengths, and bend rotations (views down to a .001 of an inch/millimeter and .01˚). This functionality allows user(s) to choose the bending order of the tube/pipe and checks for manufacturability of the overall design.

Fabrications from Accurate Designs

Bend-Tech’s tube bending software available from Mittler Bros. allows hobbyists, race teams, DIYers, classic car restorers, small auto body or repair shops, machinists and even larger manufacturers to design 2D designs for flat parts, and 3D designs for 360˚rotational analysis. This allows checking configurations with other parts, and to easily design (without CAD software for instance), and analyze the marketability of the materials and labor.

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Bend-Tech EZ Software

Bend-Tech EZ is our entry-level design product and this is 2D tube bending software. If you are designing flat parts, this software should cover your requirements. EZ has dozens of pre-defined templates (most templates allow for center, inside and outside dimensions) and a custom part interface that allows for up to six bends per part, and is easy-to-use.

Custom 3D Tube Bending Software

Commercial versions of Bend-Tech 3D parts design have the following primary features to assist you with easy designing:

  • Custom 3D Part Design Interface
  • Custom Part Interface
  • Pre-Defined Templates
  • 3D Simulation
  • Tooling Library - consisting of Bend Location Offset, CLR (radius) and Calibrated CLR for many standard tubing sizes

Bend-Tech EZ-3D Software

EZ3D is Bend-Tech's introductory software simulation and modeling program. This modeling allows for 3D bending designs and 360˚ parts rotation simulations for accurate designing. The commercial versions of the software use main information points to create and analyze your model. These features include PickPoints, materials, tools, cutting, color, dimension, part details and project settings. The EZ3D functions are also available in PRO and SE.

Bend-Tech Pro Software

The assembly interface for Bend-Tech Pro tube bender software consists of three primary functions.

  • Full 3D assembly design for productions
  • Compete dimensioning of the parts
  • Cutting instructions

Bend-Tech SE Software

The SE edition focuses on manufacturability of designs. SE provides the ease-of-use found with other versions and the fundamental 3D engineering and assembly design features. SE provides the extra design tools that you will need to use to determine actual tooling setup and production run times for parts manufacturers.

SE focuses on the physical manufacturability of the design by:

  • Verifying sufficient materials thickness for the specific bending process
  • Providing "spring back" bend angles
  • Checking tools to validate part design
  • Allows for multiple die usage on the same part
  • Having extra functionality for roll bending
  • Providing a graphical layout interface
  • Having an XYZ design interface
  • Having advanced LRA "Length, Rotation & Angle" design capabilities
  • Having a reverse engineering capability
  • Allowing unit conversion (inches to millimeters)
  • Bend-Tech SM software available

SE provides those additional tools that will assist you with determining tooling setup and manufacturing times.

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