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Mittler Bros. produces tube notchers made of 3/8” steel plating that are designed for maximum usage in repair shops, machine shops, parts producers and industrial application. Mittler Bros. manufacturers and sells tube notchers and many other types of equipment that are designed for standard or customized automotive, aviation and marine applications. As fans of racing and automotive restoration, many of our products are ideal for race teams, repair shops and other businesses associated with racing and the automotive industry. We still manufacture products in Missouri and ship our rugged, dependable equipment nationwide.

Tube Notchers “Made in the USA” Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer—Contact Mittler Bros.

Toll-Free Calls: 1-800-467-2464
Local St. Louis Area Calls: 636-745-7757

Tube Notchers and Accessories

The Mittler line of tube notchers for DIYers, repair shops, machinists and racing teams includes:

  • Single Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher
    • End mill design allows for fast sheet metal removal
    • Capacity for 1/2" to 2" is standard and 3/4" to 2 3/8" on upgraded equipment models
    • Swivel vises
    • Superior notch/cope time – minimal
    • TIG welding fits
    • Quick setups and a “V” block design
    • Optional adjustable vises allow you perform difficult offset notching
  • Variable Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher
    • Mittler’s highest quality design for quick notching and coping
    • On the market for over 24 years, years of proven usage in repair shops and business nationwide
    • 75 - 250 RPM adjustable cutter speed controls
    • 1-1/2 HP AC motor operates at 15 Amps using 1 Phase 50/60 cycle mode
    • Perfect TIG weld fits
    • No coolant required for this model
    • Portable design is easy to use
    • Optional adjustable height vises for offset notching
    • Double Sided Variable Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher model available
  • Hole Saw Notchers
    • Standard Steel Hole Saw Notcher and Deluxe Aluminum Hole Saw Notcher models have a ¾” to 2” hole saw options
    • Automatic tube centering
    • Accurate notching for ½” to 2” tubes
  • Hydraulic Tube Notcher Equipment
    • Standard Hydraulic Tube Notcher with a 10 ton ram capacity; this is the best model for use on 2" O.D. tubing x .154" wall
    • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Tube Notcher w/Cylinder with a 10 ton ram capacity; this model is ideal for 2-3/8" O.D. (2" Pipe) x .154" wall
  • Accessories for hydraulic notchers include 1” to 2” standard dies; 1” to 2 3/8” notcher dies; air and electric hydraulic and pumps; and replacement punches

Mittler Bros. also has an in-house design and engineering team that produce innovative industrial and specialty equipment designs. If you represent an industrial company or manufacturer in need of general design or specialty design and engineering, Mittler Bros. would appreciate the opportunity to solve your equipment/parts problem.

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