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Automotive Alignment and Racing Adjustment Equipment

Choose automotive turn plates and other racing adjustment equipment and tools for your team, auto body shop or repair shop.  Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool/Tanner Racing Products is a national leader in fabricating innovative automotive alignment equipment and general automotive/racing customization equipment. We offer alignment and automotive customization products in many of our tool and equipment categories.

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Durable, Accurate Turn Plates

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products’ Turn Plates (Set of Two Plates) are easy to use and quite accurate.  We also fabricate and sell a variety of other racing customization and general automotive alignment equipment and accessory parts.

The main features of our turn plates include:

  • Set of two turn plates
  • Excellent tool for checking Ackerman
  • Low profile design
  • Only 1” high plate body
  • Made of a durable aluminum construction
  • Quick readings
  • Accurate readings
  • 25˚ rotation for the plates

Additional Racing Adjustment Equipment and Accessories

We also manufacture and sell a range of other useful alignment tools including degree plates, slip plates, specifically EZ Sweep Caster/Slip Plates, a wide selection of Caster/Camber Gauges (5/8”, Bandolero, Ford, GM, SCP, magnetic, digital and other models) and Standard Camber Shim Kit (½”, ¾” and 1” Camber) tools, 10-hole and 8-hole Rotor Adapter Plates.

Put your design sensibilities to work with 2D or 3D Bend-Tech design software for your own automotive fabrications and customization projects.

Additional racing adjustment tools and equipment include:

  • Accu-lign—one of the best DIY pieces of equipment around for alignments; a great tool for repair shops or racing teams

  • 5 x 5 Rear Hubs & Parts—forged steel racing rear hubs and parts that are tested and proven on the track; additional parts include fabricated differential housings, drag rear end brackets, narrowing kits, rear end and floater accessories, housings, hubs, drive flanges and even billet aluminum third members, etc.

  • Racing Adjustment Tools—including Pinion Shims (2°, 1.5° and 1° pinion shims), Standard Shims, Shock Shim Kits (G2/G3 Carbon, Platinum 4 and Vision Kits), and Tapered Pinions Shims; Lowering Blocks (2°, 1.5° and 1° Lowering Blocks ½” thick); and other racing adjustment tools including Universal A-frame Kits, Jack Bolts, and Spring Rubbers

  • Punch and Flare Sets—we have a wide selection for automotive applications and for aircraft as well

  • Tire Gauges—2 ½” Liquid Filled Tire Gauge and a Deluxe 2 ½” Tire Gauge

  • WrenchesAN Wrenches and standardized wrenches with 90° & 15° ends that include the following: -20 Single Wrench (1-13/16"), -16 Single Wrench (1-½”), -12 Single Wrench (1-¼”), -10 Single Wrench (1"), -8 Single Wrench (7/8"), -6 Single Wrench (11/16"), -4 Single Wrench (9/16"), and a -3 Single Wrench (7/16")

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products are committed to manufacturing the best equipment, turn plates and racing adjustment tools available for the racing circuits and for general machine shops.  Let us know what you need for racecars, general automotive repairs or customization projects.

For Turn Plates and Racing Adjustment Tools—Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products

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