Two Sided, Manual Bench Press

Mittler Brothers Manufactures a Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press for Machine Shops

Introducing a New, Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press

If you are looking for a Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press (3-Ton, Part #2240-2M) that is ideal for general machine shops, automotive repair shops, for racing teams, automotive and aircraft restoration and customization enthusiasts, or for your mechanics, then review the American-made presses and accessory parts available from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  We manufacture a wide range of machine shop and sheet metal fabrication equipment and accessories for automotive/racing customization, general production work and for customization projects.  We design many of our products for small businesses, automotive repair shops, and also for racing teams—we are known for our dedication to manufacturing tools, equipment, machinery and automotive parts for the major U.S. racing circuits as well.

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products with any questions about our products or shipping.  Businesses and individual customers are welcome to call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464.  If you are near St. Louis or in eastern Missouri, feel free to call us locally at 636-745-7757.

3-Ton, Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press and Accessories

Mittler Bros. is pleased to offer this new, innovatively designed, very useful piece of shop equipment.  Our new 3-Ton, Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press is ideal for general sheet metal fabrication projects, custom panel designs and/or repairs, or even for general repair work at your machine shop or automotive repair business.  Our engineers designed this press for easy, individual user applications.  This innovative design should please machinists and mechanics alike and help speed up many shop tasks and automotive panel repair work or customization projects.  Additionally, this press is easy to move and we also have tool stands available.  You can mount this press to tool stands and/or shop tables as required.

Our new, 3-Ton, Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press includes:

  • —2 Spring Loaded Centers
  • —2 Slug Ejector Assemblies
  • —2 Lower Punch/Flare Adapter and Bolts
  • —2 Upper Punch/Flare Adapter and Bolts
  • —Arbor Nut Wrench

The basic product specifications for this model include:

  • —3-Ton capacity, Two-Sided, Manual Bench Press
  • —3” maximum clearance between tooling
  • —12” Deep Throat

Your general product features for this Manual Bench Press also include:

  • —May be used as a Standard Bench Press or as an Arbor Press
  • —Rugged 5/16” welded plate construction
  • —Bronze bushings for long-lasting product life
  • —Tooling mount for straight-in-use or rotate 90° for side-to-side usage
  • —Ideal for general production work
  • —Ideal for custom sheet metal fabrications
  • —Fits all of Mittler Bros. Punch & Flares/Punches and sets
  • —Accepts all Mittler Bros. Bench Press and Tooling Accessories including:  90° Bend, Corner Radius Punch, Corner Punch, Louver Punch/Die, Punch & Flares, Punch & Die Mounting Kit (Round, Oblong and Square Punches), Shear, and/or Shrinker/Stretcher Deep Throat
  • —Maximum tooling capacity for this press is our 3” Punch & Flare using 16 gauge mild steels
  • —Both sides of the press may be operated simultaneously
  • —You can mount this model small bench press on either side by using the pre-drilled holes
  • —Tooling and dies are not included (sold separately)

We Manufacture and Sell Additional Bench Presses and Shop Machinery

Mittler Bros. manufactures other machine shop equipment and accessories including additional Bench Presses.  We manufacture machine shop presses including a 3-Ton Manual Bench Press, a 5-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, a 10-Ton Hydraulic Bench Press, a Four-Sided, Manual Bench Press (3-Ton), a Small Bench Press, Bench Press Tooling and Accessories, and Louver Press Kits, Louver Punches, pumps, tool stands and other products.

Find Additional Machine Shop Equipment and Accessories

Visit the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products online store to review product listings and available accessories for your new shop equipment.  If you also need high-end automotive parts, we sell many products, some design specifically for high-performance vehicles in the various national racing circuits.

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