Art Roll Step Kit

New, Jamey Jordan Signature Series, Art Roll Step Kit

Jamey Jordan Signature Series: Art Roll Step Kit for Your Bead Roller

Mittler Brothers is manufacturing a new line of products in conjunction with sheet metal fabrication artist Jamey Jordan.  The new Art Roll Step Kit works effectively with Mittler Brothers High Throat Bead Rollers allowing the user considerable flexibility in the design and actual fabrication of custom sheet metal panels or other artwork.  This new Art Roll Step Kit is the first set in a new line that should help racing teams, motorcycle enthusiasts, aircraft restorers and DIYer artists alike easier ways to customize panel fabrications.

Be sure to review the entire line in the Jamey Jordan Signature Series.  The new Art Roll Step Kit offers you an effective way to create the patterns that you want in your sheet metal and/or panels.  Please review the individual product listing for the Art Roll Step Kit, and peruse the listings below for other innovative and unique rolls and dies for Bead Rollers.

The new series includes:

  • --Art Roll Step Kit (4 Rolls) – this Art Roll Step Kit includes four rolls:  a Nylatron Art Roll, a 45° Step Roll, a Radius Step Roll and a Soft Step Roll; this kit provides users with the ability to use the Top Nylatron Art Roll along with the lower Step Rolls in order to work in small extremely tight areas of your fabrication, so that you will not affect or accidentally alter the outside areas of your sheet metal fabrication(s). The Top Art Roll allows uses to produce and create highly-defined steps and bead profiles in sheet metal.  This kit Includes parts model numbers: #202-101-D, #202-090, #202-091, and #202-092.  These rolls will work best when you utilize them with a Bead Roller with an Adjustable Shaft.  These rolls are designed primarily for use with 1-1/8” High Throat Bead Rollers.  The lower rolls are fabricated using Nylatron plastic.  Please note that Bead Rollers and/or Rotary Machines are sold separately.
  • --Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines and Accessories – we offer a wide range of manual, powered, High Throat and industrial Bead Rollers as well as Rotary Machines; we recommend the following Bead Roller Models for use with this series:  Models: 210-24, 210-24NV, 200-36, 200-36NV, 200-42, 210-24M, 202-24, 202-24NV, 202-36 & 202-36NV

Mittler Brothers Sells Individual Art Rolls and Sets

The following Bead Rolls are engineered primarily for use with all standard, Mittler Brothers 1-1/8” High Throat Bead Rollers, or Bead Rollers that offer similar dimensions.  All of these standard rolls and rolls sets are 2-½” Outer Diameter (O.D.) and ¾” Internal Diameter (I.D.) and should be installed with the MB stamp (Mittler Brothers) facing toward your machine.  Bead Rollers and additional rolls or sets are all sold separately.

Please review individual product listings for more information and the specific Art Roll Sets or individual Art Rolls have a graphic to show you the unique shape or innovative design of each piece.  Choose from the following individual Bead Rolls or Sets below for specific sheet metal fabrication tasks.

Mittler Brothers Bead Rolls are CNC-machined using heat-treated steel for a long-lasting product. Our rolls include:

  • --45° Step (1 Roll)
  • --45° Step Set (2 Rolls)
  • --Radius Step (1 Roll)
  • --Radius Step Set (2 Rolls)
  • --Soft Step (1 Roll)
  • --Radius Roll Sets - these particular Roll Sets allow you to fabricate a radius bend/shape in sheet metal for tubing to sit flush against your fabrication; also, these rolls work best with an Adjustable Shaft Bead Roller
  • --Step Die Kit (3 Sets) - the dies in this set allow users to fabricate a softer, smoother finish on a step; each roll allows you to create a unique bead profile; this set includes: 202-105, 202-106, 202-107 parts; these dies/rolls are manufactured from Nylatron plastic and offer the best results when used with a Bead Roller with an adjustable shaft
  • --Skateboard Roll Set (3 Rolls) – this  three roll set allows  you to utilize the bottom die with any existing top die that you have to create almost any bead profile that you can devise—it is truly a versatile part design; this set offers three different hardness rolls, specifically, a Durometer or “hardness” rating for the rolls, which are color-coded with “Black:” = 60,  “Orange” = 80, and “Blue” = 90; also, use these rolls an Adjustable Shaft Bead Roller for the best possible results
  • --Scar Roll Set (3 Rolls) - this three roll set offers uses the ability to fabricate a classic “scar” design; the first roll combination makes a smooth line, and the second roll combination allows you create lines/cross lines; and, use these rolls a Bead Roller that has an adjustable shaft for the best results
  • --Stitching Roll Set (2 Rolls) - this two roll set allow you to produce a “stitch” design, which allows a creative user to create all kinds of faux-upholstered designs in you sheet metal projects

Additional Art Rolls/Art Roll Step Kits for Sheet Metal Fabrications and Artwork

You are not limited to just the rolls listed above.  Mittler Brothers offer additional Art Rolls with unique shapes and patterns.  For additional product information, please review the specific roll for the type of pattern and additional details.  These rolls include:  the Jamey Jordan Signature Series Art Roll Kit, an Art Pattern Roll (1 Roll), a Solid Roll (1 Roll), a Solid Groove Roll (1 Roll), a Universal Groove Roll (1 Roll), a Soft Step Set (2 Rolls), the Jamey Jordan Signature Series High Throat Art Roll Kit, an Art Pattern High Throat Roll (1 Roll), a Solid High Throat Roll (1 Roll), a Solid Groove High Throat Roll (1 Roll), and a Universal Groove High Throat Roll (1 Roll).

Of course, we do welcome comments on our products and suggestions for new types of rolls that offer a wide range of effects for your fabrications, so, feel free to let us know what type of Art Rolls you would like to see produced in the future.  We have just started a new series line, so, keep checking back with us if you do not see a product that meets your current sheet metal fabrication requirements.

Contact Mittler Brothers for Jamey Jordan Signature Series Products

Whether you are a business owner, own an automotive repair shop, work with sheet metal, fabricate panels or otherwise work with sheet metal for art or customization projects, the Jamey Jordan Signature Series, including the new Art Roll Step Kit, allows you to create unique designs and standardized designs for sheet metal fabrications and art projects.  We will be releasing new art rolls in the near future as we are adding products to this line.

Customers may contact Mittler Brothers with any product questions, or for purchases.  You can reach us nationwide at 800-467-2464, or locally in the St. Louis area at 636-745-7757.  Also, customers are welcome to contact us by e-mail at:

For more product and parts details, feel free to download the 2014 Product Catalog or request a print copy of our 2014 Product Catalog for reference.