Automation Solutions

Mittler Brothers Provides Industrial and Manufacturing Companies with Custom Design/Build Automation Solutions

Custom-Fabricated Machinery, Robotics Integration and Automation Solutions for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

If your company is searching for an experienced machining, tooling, and machinery manufacturer for customized industrial automation solutions for mid-sized projects and companies, or for small business industrial automation projects designed to automated specific manufacturing, conveyance, manufacturing or related tasks, then be sure to discuss your project in detail with Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (and Tanner Racing Products).  With over 30 years of production, tooling, machining and equipment and machinery manufacturing experience in Missouri, we are uniquely situated to help smaller and mid-sized industrial or manufacturing companies design, engineer, build, automate, test and manufacture the equipment or machinery that your company needs to expand production capacity or to automate industrial, manufacturing, production and/or shipping divisions within many types of equipment.

Custom Industrial or Manufacturing Automation Solutions Provider

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool does offer clients a wide range of types of custom industrial automation solutions, which can include highly precise machining and tooling, utilizing and/or developing CNC automation machinery, design modelling, schematics development, programming, FANUC robotics integration (and other major robotics systems; see below), equipment and machinery fabrication and manufacturing tasks, production, testing, calibration and accuracy verification testing, as well as other deliverables per contract.

Mittler Brothers is an Authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator and we have a staff of highly-trained, professional personnel to work with your business at every step of the custom automation solutions development process from starting your project design to final deliverables.  Our certified technicians have proficiency in a wide range of production tasks.  Mittler Brothers is a member of many industry organizations: The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), and The National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA), to name a few.  Additionally, some of our staff also renew certifications annually including our Certified FANUC Technicians.  Mittler Brothers has experience working with other types of robotics integration including Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Toshiba systems.

Mittler Brothers offers clients an extensive set of machine job shop capabilities as well as extensive production capabilities using.  We recommend that you review Mittler Brothers’ Facilities List (including CNC/ precision production and fabrication machinery and other equipment, engineering design capabilities, inspection machinery/equipment, grinders, grinding machinery, lathes, hydraulic lathes, mills, millers, milling machinery, and other options.  As a start, take a few minutes to review some of our diverse custom automation solutions for other mid-sized businesses and smaller manufacturing companies:   review Custom Project Examples: review Small Scale Project Examples, or review a Modular Test Cell project designed for testing oil and gas pipe/pipeline/tubing fittings.

The Basic Process for Creating Custom Automation Solutions for a Mittler Brothers Clients

Projects can frequently be a success or a disaster depending on the initial design of automation solutions.  Our experienced design team and engineers, as well as certified robotics integration technicians, will work with your company to create a general project machinery scope that will cover your main functions you want for your manufacturing automation solutions, general production capabilities, and/or other main parts of the project scope.  Our goal is always to deliver automation solutions that meet the client’s requirements as well as increasing your productivity, enhance efficiency, and also reduce overall time and reduce any waste products from the machinery that we design.

Mittler Brothers operates a full-service job shop with extensive custom machinery production machinery.  We will work with you to Design & Build your custom automation solutions and machinery.  Once we have worked out the basic project scope, then we can working on producing a design.  We do utilize 2D and 3D modelling (e.g. 2D/3D SolidWorks modelling using imported/exported solid modeling DWG, DXF, and IGES files, AutoCAD Drafting Program modelling allowing 3D modelling, 3D industrial machinery modelling, or Vertual Gibbs CNC CAM Program for 3D programming/modeling and generation of path layouts with graphics verification capability) to produce high-precision models for client approvals.  Our in-house designers will assist your company with creating the final models, designs and drafts.

Once we move to the next phase, we can work with your company to offer deliverables goals, or we can work with your team to deal with all of the wiring, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics integration if applicable, PLC programming, system control programming, and also then integrating all of your custom-fabricated parts, systems and other pieces into your automation solution(s) designed for specific tasks.  Be sure to take a few moments to review Mittler Brothers’ Facilities List, so that you have a good idea about our onsite production machinery for custom automation solutions.

This page is just a shortlist of the tasks that we will work your company on to create just the right automation solutions for your business.  We will also handle all of the fabrication, or if need be, the integration of components that your company may have already built.  We handle CNC and precision machining and tooling, manufacturing of custom machinery components, parts or other fabrication tasks.  Additionally, we offer companies a wide range of welding options, materials selections, machining options, and other basic fabrication-related tasks.

Mittler Brothers will handle all of the specifics regarding optimized computer management of all project tasks, order entry, scheduling, job costing, shipping, invoicing, and all accounting functions.  We can also handle all machine loading tasks.  With your entire project, the goal is to maximize efficiency, optimize productivity, and deliver innovative automation solutions that will deliver on your entire project scope and any specifics related to performance.

Take Advantage of Mittler Brothers’ Experience, Custom Design and Manufacturing Services for Your Company’s Automation Solutions

Be sure to take advantage of our years of experience with machining, tooling, designing and manufacturing equipment, parts, systems and production machinery.  We are here to help your business achieve the best possible results out of your design/build, custom industrial automation solutions.

We would like to let you know that you may review the Mittler Brothers Industrial E-Brochure for more information about our general capabilities in developing and building custom automation solutions.  We also have examples of industrial automation videos available for review.  You can also learn about Mittler Brothers on our YouTube! Channel, as well as review short machinery demonstration videos as well.

Request a quote for your custom automation solution(s), or contact Mittler Brothers to begin the process of working with us to develop the industrial or manufacturing automation solutions that your business needs for improved production capacity.  You may call us at 636-745-7757 in Wright City, Missouri, or call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  You can reach our sales staff by e-mail at: [email protected].