Automotive Racing HydroShox

New Automotive Racing HydroShox Available in 2016 by Tanner Racing Products

Are You Looking for the Latest Advances in Automotive Racing Shocks?

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) announces the availability of the latest in racing shocks, our automotive racing HydroShox in the 2016 product lines.  Your racing team can call us direct at 636-745-7757 in Wright City, Missouri, or call us toll-free at 800-467-2464 about the availability of our standard model HydroShox and about the availability of additional shock products in this product line that we will release in 2016.  You can also contact Tanner Racing Products by contacting Mittler Brothers or you can e-mail our sales personnel at:

As racing teams from the NASCAR Sprint and truck circuits to lightweight racecar vehicle classes such as Bandoleros, Formulas, Quarter Midgets, dragsters, Go-Karts, and other racing teams, know that Tanner Racing Products offers some of the most reliable, high-performance automotive racing shocks available on the market.

Be sure to let your mechanic(s), machinist(s) and pit crew know about these high-performance, automotive racing HydroShox.  We hope that every racing team will be impressed with the performance of these shocks and our other brands such as G4, Platinum and Vision Shocks, as well as our extensive product line of shock rebuilding kits, replacement parts, accessories and also racing springs that are ideal for Quarter Midgets.

Automotive Racing Shocks:  HydroShox Specifications

As we continue to expand our extensive product line of high-performance automotive parts designed primarily for the racetrack and high-performance automotive applications.  Tanner Racing Products is pleased to announce the release a new, standard model automotive racing HydroShox.  The new HydroShox model is available soon, in 2016!

Our new standard model, automotive racing HydroShox feature:

  • —17-¾” eye-to-eye raised
  • —13-¾” eye-to-eye lowered
  • —4” of hydraulic cylinder travel
  • —3” of shock travel
  • —Fits Standard 2” I.D. (Interior Diameter) x 4” Tall Coil Over Springs
  • —One hydraulic unit controls all four cylinders
  • —Automotive racing HydroShox combine the adjustability of hydraulics, but with damping of coil over shocks
  • —Call for pricing on our new, standard HydroShox model
  • —Additional models are coming soon!

Please call or email Tanner Racing Products ( for additional information about these product releases or for additional product details about our upcoming HydroShox models.  Additional sizes of our shocks for racecars will be available soon.

Even More High-Performance Racing Shocks Are Available from Tanner Racing Products

Our new automotive racing HydroShox expand our extensive product line of racing shocks, racing springs, shock rebuild kits, and extensive inventory or miscellaneous replacement parts.  We are pleased to offer this new line of high-performance, automotive racing HydroShox, along with all of the highly reliable shocks, parts, replacement parts, upgrade options, automotive calibration systems, and many other products that are engineered for performance on the road, but particularly so for the racetrack.

Tanner Racing Products offers customers, automotive businesses, racing teams, lightweight vehicle class racing teams, mechanics, and DIYers a selection of high-quality, very reliable automotive racing Shocks & Springs.  We offer a range of machine shop calibration machinery, equipment, accessories and systems that are designed primarily for the rigors and the needed precision of racing teams—you can get great performance out of your racecar with parts engineered for racing.

Currently, our product line expands with automotive racing HydroShox, but our current product line includes:

Shop for Automotive Racing HydroShox or Other Racing Shocks at Tanner Racing Products

Racing teams, any circuit can shop for high-performance racing shocks, our HydroShox, or G4, Vision and Platinum brands.  If you need a product catalog, you can learn more about our 2016 automotive and racing systems and parts or about our extensive line of machine shop equipment, machinery, equipment, product accessories, and parts.  Your racing team may be interested in our automotive systems for racecars including our complete alignment equipment, specifically, the Accu-lign Alignment System, Pull Down Rigs, Custom Billet Crankshafts, Small Car D-3 Chassis Dyno 60”, Set Up Equipment, Racing Scales (learn more about our new, 1” Wireless Radio Frequency Scales and Wi-Fi system), Leveling Equipment & Tools, and our many other automotive tools, parts and accessories.

You may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog, or feel free to fill out the request form to get a printed copy of inventory and new merchandise from Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool for your automotive or shop business or for your racing team for your later reference.

We do post a variety of machinery demonstration videos and informative materials online.  You can learn more about our machinery by visiting the Mittler Brothers YouTube! Channel, by reviewing shop machinery demonstration videos, or follow our participation in racing events at Mittler Brothers Motorsports (MB Motorsports).

Shop Online or Contact Tanner Racing Products for Assistance

We encourage business owners, automotive shops, racing teams, mechanics and machinists, or individual customers to visit the Mittler Brothers online store.  You may purchase products direct online.  Whether you are interested in our new, automotive racing HydroShox, or any of our other racing related or high-performance automotive systems and parts.  You can also learn specific product details as well throughout the e-commerce store.

You may contact Mittler Brothers, or feel free to call us about the availability of automotive racing HydroShox in 2016.  You can call us locally at 636-745-7757, or you can call us nationwide at 800-467-2464.  Businesses may reach our sales team at: