Brown and Geeson Distributor

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products Is Now Your Brown and Geeson Distributor in the U.S.

USA and European Distribution of Shop and Race Car Products

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (Tanner Racing Products) continues to expand its high-end automotive product line with many items designed for professional racing in a variety of vehicle categories.  Renowned British company Brown & Geeson distributes Mittler Brothers in Europe, and we are announcing that Mittler Brothers in Wright City, Missouri, is now the North American B-G Racing Automotive Parts Supplier.

Mittler Brothers Is Your Brown and Geeson Distributor for North America

We are quite pleased to be your source for high-end B-G Racing automotive parts distribution.  Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products are well-known in the U.S. market for innovative product designs and custom equipment and machinery that are ideal for automotive machine shops and equipment for calibration or repair of products at the racetrack.  As your B-G Racing Parts Supplier, this continues our goal of offering our customers some of the best products on the market, and more importantly, parts, equipment, tools, accessories and other items that will provide you with accuracy and improved performance over many competitive products.

Brown and Geeson Distributor Offers the following (and more) products:

  • Battery Carts – a B-G Racing Battery Cart with Tray, or a Battery Cart (No Tray)
  • Chassis Stands - B-G Racing Single Seater 7” Medium Chassis Stand (Pair), a B-G Racing Single Seater 18” Large Chassis Stand (Pair), or Extra Large 24” Chassis Stands (Pair) - Powder Coated, a B-G Racing 6" Small Chassis Stand (Pair) - Powder Coated, or choose B-G Racing Low Rise Vehicle Ramps
  • Digital Caster/Caber Gauges – a B-G Racing Mechanic's Kneeling Mat, a Folding 3-in-1 Mechanics Mat, or a Billet Digital Camber/Castor Gauge with Magnetic Adaptor
  • Jacks – a B-G Racing Formula Rear Swivel Jack and a Quick-Lift Jack
  • Pit Boards – B-G Racing Standard Aluminum Pit Board, Standard Anodized Aluminum Pit Board Kits, Standard Pit Board Number Sets, Large Aluminum Pit Board Kits, or Large Aluminum Pit Board Kits, Standard Anodized Aluminum Pit Board Kits, or choose B-G Racing Large Pit Board Number Sets
  • Setup Equipment and Accessories
  • String Line Kits - B-G Racing String Lines, a String Lines Carry Bag, a String Lines Kit - String Reels (Pair)
  • Wheel & Tire Carts – a B-G Racing Wheel & Tire Cart A-Frame, a Powder Coated Wheel & Tire Cart, a Wheel & Tire Cart Rear Tow Frame, or a Folding Pit Cart, B-G Racing Folding Pit Cart Bag
  • Work Stations – a B-G Racing Folding Utility Work Station (Powder Coated), a Folding Pit Table (Powder Coated), a Folding Utility Word Station Bin Façade, or a Mini Folding Utility Work Station (Powder Coated)

You can reach Mittler Brothers at 636-745-7757 or at 800-467-2464 for more information about additional B-G Racing automotive parts supply available exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, through Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  Also, feel free to learn more about our racing sponsorship and events by visiting MB Motorsports (Mittler Brothers Motorsports).

Contact Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers, Your Brown and Geeson Distributor

Racing teams, automotive repair businesses, auto body shops, machinists, mechanics, or other automotive or machine shops interested in purchasing any of these Brown and Geeson parts or equipment can reach the North American, Brown and Geeson Distributor, Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products in Missouri at:  You may contact Mittler Brothers or call us at 636-745-7757 or at 800-467-2464 for service.

Individual customers, businesses, racing teams, shops an other commercial interests may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog or request a print copy.