Compact Metal Angle Grinders

Compact Metal Angle Grinders

Choose Compact Metal Angle Grinders from Fein Tools

At Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products, we have compact metal angle grinders for sale.   These Fein Tools products are powerful, shop—quality grinders, and ideal addition to a shop's inventory.  We stock compact angle grinders from Fein Tools including 4-½”, 5”, and 6” models for sale.  At Mittler Brothers, we think these grinders are some of the best handheld, compact metal angle grinders that we have tried.  These German-engineered grinders from Fein Tools U.S.  are a great addition to any machine shop, auto body shop, automotive repair business, sheet metalworking job shop, racing team, or customization or restoration work.

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Fein Tools Grinders for Sale (Compact Metal Angle Grinders)

Mittler Brothers is pleased to offer handy, compact, powerful Fein Tools Grinders for sale in 2015.  This compact metal angle grinders offer some of the best power-to-weight ratios in their respective product classes.  If you have an auto body shop, an automotive repair shop, a metal fabrication shop, a machine shop, a racing team, or you engage in sheet metal customization projects, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Fein Tools Grinders available for sale through Mittler Brothers.  These grinders offer you a compact angle grinder, deburring, and cut-off work capabilities.  These models offer reduced vibration, constant speed for reliable performance, optimum motor ventilation, up to 30% longer brush service life compared to competing models, and  in the 4-½” model, and more material removal than comparable styles of angle grinders in the same power class.  Additionally, these grinders offer highly-efficient roughing-down and cut-off work in the 5” and 6” models.

Our compact metal angle grinders for sale from Fein Tools include these handy, powerful tools including:

  • 4-½” Compact Angle Grinder (4-½” Grinder Model WSG8-115)
    • —— This compact grinder model offers the best vibration values in its power-to-weight class
    • —— 800 Watts power consumption on this grinder model
    • —— 520 Watts power output
    • —— No-load speed: 11,000 RPM
    • —— Spindle-lock, compact angle grinder
    • —— Comes with a 4-½” grinding wheel
    • —— Comes with a 4-½” elastic backing pad
    • —— Comes with a 5/8”-11” mounting thread
    • —— An H 07 industrial-strength 13’ long electrical cable with plug
    • —— Easy-to-use, adjustable non-slip safety guard that does not require an adjustment tool
    • —— Lightweight compact metal angle grinder at 4.4 lbs. (EPTA statistics)
    • —— This grinder comes with the following items:  a sturdy handle, a safety guard, a pair of flanges, and a wrench for easy adjustments

Fein Tools:  5” and 6” Compact Metal Angle Grinders for Sale at Mittler Brothers

The 5” Compact Angle Grinder and also 6” Compact Angle Grinder offer several additional features over the 4-½” Compact Angle Grinder.  These additional features include:  POWERtronic system that provides some of the highest power levels for this size/class of grinder, and, POWERtronic offers users a truly uniform speed under load; additionally, these two grinders have a large reserve capacity.  These two compact metal angle grinders for sale also offer the KickBack Stop features which provides the grinder with a self-start lock, soft-start feature, and electronic overload protection for user protection—more protection that most any competing models in this power-to-weight ratio class of compact metal angle grinders.  Additionally, these two grinders—and other models that we can order from Fein Tools—offers user an H 07 industrial-strength, 13’ long electrical cable with a plug, so, they are ideal for shops and other professional task.

The two main compact metal angle grinders for sale in the 5” and 6” categories that we have in-stock include the following features and specifications:

  • 5” Compact Angle Grinder (5” Grinder Model WSG15-125P)
    • —— This model is the lightest and shortest, compact, electric metal angle grinder in this power-to-weight ratio class
    • —— A lightweight compact angle grinder weighing only 5.1 lbs. (EPTA statistics)
    • —— 1,500 Watts power consumption
    • —— 900 Watts total power output
    • —— No-load speed: 11,000 RPM
    • —— Best vibration values in this class of compact angle grinder
    • —— A 5” grinding wheel
    • —— A5” elastic backing pad
    • —— A 5/8”-11” mounting thread
    • —— Solid metal gear head
    • —— Gear head rotates in full 90° increments
    • —— Gear head is engineered for maximum service life
    • —— This compact angle grinder model comes with the additional items:  an anti-vibration handle, a safety guard, a pair of flanges, and an adjustment wrench

  • 6” Compact Angle Grinder (6” Grinder Model WSG15-150P)
    • —— This compact angle grinder is the lightest and shortest electric grinder model in this power-to-weight ratio class
    • —— Lightweight, compact metal angle grinder model that weighs only 5.3 lbs. (EPTA statistics)
    • —— 1,500 Watts power consumption
    • —— 900 Watts total power output
    • —— No-load speed: 8,500 RPM
    • —— A 6” grinding wheel
    • —— A 6” elastic backing pad
    • —— A 5/8”-11” mounting thread
    • —— Solid metal gear head
    • —— Solid metal gear head rotates in 90° steps
    • —— Gear head engineered for maximal service duration
    • —— This grinder model accessories:  an anti-vibration handle, a protective guard, flanges, and a wrench

The information noted above for each compact metal angle grinder is cited and compiled from content on the Fein Tools U.S. website and the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products’ 2015 Product Catalog—request a printed copy of the 2015 Product Catalog, or download a pdf copy.  All information is believed accurate at the time of writing.

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Contact Mittler Brothers with any product inquiries that you have.  We hope that you will try out high-quality, German-made Fein Tools.  These compact metal angle grinders are powerful tools. You may call us at 800-467-2464, or locally at 636-745-7757.  E- mail us at: