Designer Bead Rolls

New Designer Bead Rolls Are Available Direct from Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool

Order New Designer Bead Rolls Direct from the Manufacturer

Take a few minutes to look through some of the newest Bead Roller designs, particularly our Gold Series Designer Bead Rolls, available direct from the manufacturer Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool.  We offer a wide range of shop products and offer Bead Rollers, High Throat Bead Rollers and Rotary Machines, and accessories.  You may contact Mittler Brothers about our Designer Bead Rolls for more information.  You may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog, or request a printed copy.

Choose High-Quality, Specialty Gold Series Designer Rolls from Mittler Brothers

Particular patterns of designer Bead Roll Sets include a variety of styles that are available as a Bead Roll only, or you have the option of the Bead Roll Set in the following styles: Barb Wire, Card Suit, Circle, Chain, Diamond, Diamond Plated, Dice, Hex, Honeycomb, Radius (roll only), Square, or Stretched Metal.

Our Gold Series Designer Bead Rolls include:

  • —For use with all Standard 1-1/8” Throat Mittler Brothers Bead Rollers
  • —Sets fit all 1-1/8” Throat MB Bead Rollers
  • —Top rolls are heat-treated
  • —Top rolls are Titanium Nitride coated for are durable, long life
  • —Bottom rolls are fabricated from Urethane
  • —Individual designer Bead Rolls available
  • —Designer Bead Roll Sets available
  • —Rolls work quite well on 22 Gauge Mild Steels
  • —Use on 16 Gauge Aluminum (maximum capacity: 16 Ga. (0.050”) Aluminum grades)
  • —For the best possible results, use these Bead Rolls or Bead Roll Sets with Bead Rollers utilizing an Industrial Motor

If you are interested in utilizing our Gold Series Designer Bead Rolls in a shop, or if you produce a lot of sheet metal fabrications for customization projects or artwork, then you may want to consider upgrade your Mittler Brothers Bead Roller to our Industrial Motor option; you can review our Standard Motor to Industrial Motor Conversion Kit.

45° Bead Roll Sets Are Also Available from Mittler Brothers

If you are interested in additional options for your Bead Roller for artwork, sheet metal customization, or for work at a business, we offer a wide range of Bead Rolls besides the Gold Series Designer Bead Rolls.  We offer 45° Bead Rolls and 45° Bead Roll Sets in a variety of basic shapes and patterns as well as specialty rolls.  Additionally, look below in the section about our collaboration with renowned sheet metal fabrication artist and highly-skilled Bead Roll artist Jamey Jordan.

On our 45-Degree Bead Roll Sets, specifications for width represents the bead size.  All Standard Roll Sets listed below have a 2-½” O.D. (Outer Diameter) x ¾” I.D. (Interior Diameter).  Also, be sure to place the MB stamp toward the machine when installing the Bead Rolls on the Bead Roller.

Our nine, new 45° Bead Rolls include:

  • —1/8” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-125-45)
  • —3/16” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-188-45)
  • —¼” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-250-45)
  • —5/16” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-313-45)
  • —3/8” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-375-45)
  • —½” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-500-45)
  • —5/8” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-625-45)
  • —¾” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-750-45)
  • —1” 45° Bead Roll (MB Part# 201-100-45)

Jamey Jordan Signature Series Bead Roll Layout Templates

Mittler Brothers and Bead Roll and sheet metal fabrication artist Jamey Jordan have had a working collaboration to designs and produce a line of excellent sheet metal fabrication tools.  With the Gold Series Designer Bead Rolls, Bead Rollers, specialty and art Bead Rolls, and instructional DVDs offers a wide range of products available from our partnership with Jamey Jordan.  We invite you to take a look at the products in the entire of Jamey Jordan and Mittler Brother in the Jamey Jordan Signature Series. If you like to learn more about general techniques and learn from one of the best, then don’t forget to pick up your own copies of The Art of Bead Rolling, Volume 1 (DVD) by Jamey Jordan, or the newest release The Art of Bead Rolling: All the Steps, Volume 2 (DVD) by Jamey Jordan.

Our product line continues to expand with additional products developed by Jamey Jordan.  We are introducing Jamey Jordan Signature Series Bead Roll Layout Templates.  These layout templates offer convenience, accuracy, and flexibility with your custom sheet metal, bead rolling projects.  We are releasing an Arc Layout Template (2” to 6” Radius), a Hole Layout Template (0.875” to 2.25” Diameter), a Straight Layout Template (0.5” to 4.75” Spacing), all of which save time in laying out your designs as well as material.  These durable templates are laser engraved and are fabricated using durable 1/8” Aluminum.

Mittler Brothers is now offering a new Rivet Bead Roll Layout Tool as well which allows you to create own designs of bead rolls with various surfaces by utilizing the template.  This tool offers a retractable design, laser engraving, and is fabricated using durable Aluminum for long life.

Additional Standard and Specialty Bead Rolls for Bead Rollers and Rotary Machines

We encourage you to peruse our product selections in the Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, Bead Rolls, High Throat Bead Rollers, and related specialty rolls and accessories for these tools.  Don’t forget to check out the wide selection of Mittler Brother’s Standard Bead Rolls including specialty sets, High Throat Standard Bead Rolls for use with all MB High Throat Bead Rollers (4” throat), High Throat High Crown Bead Rolls for use with all MB High Throat Bead Rollers (4” throat), and Rotary Machine Bead Rolls for use with all Standard MB Rotary Machines.

You can review additional products in the Bead Roller and Rotary Machine product categories including:  Bead Rollers (manual and powered), Bead Roller accessories, Rotary Machines, or other types of sheet metal fabrication equipment, machinery, tools and accessories listed on product pages throughout our entire website.  We have diagrams and/or pictures on the individual pages throughout the Mittler Brothers online store pertinent information including dimensions and product specifications.

You may view these and other products at the Mittler Brothers e-commerce store including our entire current product line and inventory stock.  The 2016 product catalog is available.  You may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog; or, you may fill out the request form to receive a printed copy of our product catalog for your later reference or to have at a business as well.

Learn About Mittler Brothers Products Online or Contact Us for Additional Product Information

Whether you are interested in our Designer Bead Rolls, 45° Bead Rolls, High Throat Bead Rolls, Rotary Machine Bead Rolls, any of the equipment and accessories mentioned about, or you are interested in machine shop/sheet metal fabrication job shop hardware and equipment, you may be interested in reviewing the Mittler Brothers on our YouTube! Channel.  We do have short demonstration videos posted on many product pages on our website, or feel free to watch shop machinery demonstration videos of Mittler Brothers inventory stock products.

If you need ordering assistance or additional product details about these Designer Bead Rolls or other inventory items, you may reach us direct, locally at 636-745-7757 in Wright City, Missouri, or call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  Business and customers may reach our sales team at: [email protected].