English Wheel Accessories

English Wheel Accessories, Anvil Wheels, English Wheel Kits and Optional Tool Stand

English Wheels, English Wheel Accessories Made in Missouri

English Wheels and English Wheel accessories are available direct from Missouri manufacturer Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool.  We offer well-built, rugged, solidly-constructed Standard Bench Mount English Wheels, a Floor Models English Wheel, a Metal Shaper Station, and English Wheel accessories including a range of Anvil Wheels, Anvil Wheel Kits, an Upper Wheel, and optional tool stand, as well as kits and machined parts for the standard model.  We are a Missouri manufacturer of machine shop equipment that are ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses such as smaller manufacturers, machinists, automotive repair businesses, auto body shops, sheet metal fabrication job shops, for racing teams, and for individual use.

Contact Mittler Brothers for information or products or review the product details about our English Wheels (Standard or Bench Mount), Metal Shaping Station, and about English Wheel accessories below.  You may review product listings online at the Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool e-commerce store.  Business customers and individual shoppers may call us at our local number in Wright City, MO, 636-745-7757.  Anyone outside of our area may call us nationwide at 800-467-2464.  You reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com, if you have any questions about particular products.

English Wheel Accessories and Anvil Wheels Available from the Manufacturer

Mittler Brothers manufactures many different types of machine shop equipment and metal fabrication machinery, tools and accessories.  Our product line of English Wheels, accessories (kits, machined parts, Anvil Wheels, and tool stand) are rugged equipment designed for daily fabrication tasks and production work.  We offer a Standard Bench Mount English Wheel, a Floor Model English Wheel, a Metal Shaper Station and additional products.

The current product line of English Wheel accessories available from Mittler Brothers includes the following Anvil Wheels and Accessories:

  • —Design, engineering and fabrication resulting in well-built, durable Anvil Wheels manufacturer in Missouri
  • —Standardized sizing of 2-½” diameters x 2” widths to fit Mittler Brothers English Wheels
  • —CNC-machining, in-house at the Mittler Brothers manufacturing plant
  • —Fabrication using a durable grade of heat-treated steel
  • —Finishing with secondary operations including hard-turning after heat treatment for accurate concentricity
  • —Anvil Wheels product line that includes the following Anvil Wheels:
    • ——6-Piece Anvil Wheel Set, Part# 2900-A (included Anvil Wheel sizes are 12”, 8-½”, 5”, 3-¼”, and 2-3/8” in this set)
    • ——Flat Anvil Wheel, Part# 2900-A0
    • ——12” Radius Anvil Wheel, Part# 2900-A1
    • ——8-½” Radius Anvil Wheel, Part# 2900-A2
    • ——5” Radius Anvil Wheel, Part# 2900-A3
    • ——3-¼”  Radius Anvil Wheel, Part# 2900-A4
    • ——2-3/8” Radius Anvil Wheel, Part# 2900-A5
    • ——Deep Reach Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x ¾” with Radius, Part# 2900-A7
    • ——Deep Reach Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x 3/4" with Radius, Part# MB-FQSM2-07
    • ——Edging Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x ¾” with Flat, Part# 2900-A6
    • ——Edging Anvil Wheel - Fournier 3” O.D. x 3/4" with Flat, Part# MB-FQSM2-06
    • ——Upper Wheel – 7” O.D., Part# 2900-021
  • Optional Floor Stand with Locking Casters, Part# 2900-300 – this Optional Floor Stand for English Wheels offers locking casters, and a storage shelf for spare items or your English Wheel accessories and parts; also, this stand allows users to maneuver the stand and English Wheel around the shop as needed for particular jobs

And, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the English Wheel Techniques DVD (Part#MB-1000-19) by noted metalshaping specialist Ron Covell.  Also, we offer other Instructional Books/DVDs on a range of metalshaping techniques and how to use a variety of machine shop equipment.

English Wheels, English Wheel Kits and a Metal Shaper Station Available for Sale by Mittler Brothers

Mittler Brothers has English Wheels for sale and accessories—learn about the entire product line—that are both affordable and highly useful for smaller and medium-sized businesses including machine shops, job shops, manufacturers, auto body shops, automotive repair shops, racing teams, or even for individuals.  As the manufacturer, we guarantee that machinery, equipment and accessory products made at our manufacturing plant are indeed “made in the U.S.A.”! In fact, they are made in Missouri, just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We have utilized our machining and tooling expertise over 30 years in the business, along with input from our business customers and clients, to hone the durability, versatility and reliability of our designs for English Wheels and accessories (e.g. anvils, kits, etc.).

Currently, the Mittler Brothers product line include the following English Wheel models, kits and/or parts kits (please see above for links to Anvil Wheels):

Also, Mittler Brothers manufactures a couple of other machinery variants of our Standard Bench Mount English Wheel, specifically a floor model and a Metal Shaper Station, both of which offer machinists great equipment for everyday operations and job tasks.  Our two other products in the English Wheel and accessories product line include:

Additionally, you may want to review our Planishing Hammers, or feel free to browse through our website for the products that you need for a business.

You can review short demonstration videos of many of the Mittler Brothers machinery online.  Be sure to take a few minutes to review the videos on the Mittler Brothers YouTube! Channel.

Contact Mittler Brothers for English Wheel Accessories or Other Fabrication Equipment

Once you have review the product details for Mittler Brothers products including English Wheel accessories and Anvil Wheels, if you have any additional questions or you need help with your online order, feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to answer any of your questions about Mittler Brothers English Wheels, English Wheel accessories, or other shop equipment.  The product descriptions of the items mentioned above have additional details, images, and on the machinery, some products have 360 views.

You may contact Mittler Brothers in Wright City, MO.  Also, you may reach us by phone at 636-745-7757, or at 800-467-2464, with any questions about our products or for ordering assistance.  Businesses and individual customers may reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

And, don’t forget to request a copy of the printed 2015 product catalog for your business or for personal use.  You may also download a pdf file version/electronic copy of the catalog from this page.