Fast-AN Wrench Tool System

Mittler Brothers Manufactures and Distributes the New, LEE Racing Technology’s Fast-AN® Wrench Tool Syste

Manufacturer and Exclusive Distributor of LEE Race Technology’s FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool/Tanner Racing Products (800-467-2464), located in Wright City, Missouri, has recently announced that we are now working in collaboration with Buddy Lindblom’s LEE Race Technology, Inc.  The result of our talks is that Mittler Brothers will now manufacture and distribute the new, FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System developed by LEE Racing Technology, Inc.

“This is a win-win for both companies…” says Buddy Lindblom of Lee Race Technology involved in professional racing for 35 years, a winning IndyCar manager, crew chief, mechanic, machinist and fabricator of customized solutions for racecars and other racing circuit category vehicles.  The goal has always been to improve performance at the race track.

“Mike [Mittler] and I met through a Facebook interaction which came about from a post and picture of my AN Wrench. I…am very excited about this incredible opportunity…to launch FAST-AN® Tools in a big way…”

Retail customers, racing teams, machinists, mechanics, automotive repair businesses, auto body shops, businesses, and custom vehicle enthusiasts may contact Mittler Brothers about any of our products or about the new Fast-AN® Wrench Tool System.

Mittler Brothers and Tanner Racing Products are located right off I-70 in Wright City, MO.  You can call us locally at 636-745-7757.  Business customers or retail customers may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464 as well.

New, Durable FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System Available Through Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products

The FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System offers professional reliability with durable tools, convenience and portability, and this new system is a great product line backed by two separate, high-performance automotive parts fabricators, and manufacturers of racing equipment, machinery, tools, parts, and accessories. All parts and components are made in the USA!

The wrenches in the new, FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System are unique designs.  These wrenches offer ergonomic handles that hold the wrench heads, which range in -6 to -16 sizing.  The design offers a robust latch mechanism which allows for quick head changes.  These new AN Wrenches use precision CNC-machined 7075-T6 Aluminum, which is nearly double the strength of commonly used, standard 6061-T6 material. This is combined with a Type III hard-coat finish to make sure that the wrench will maintain a superior fit.

A sampling of current Mittler Brothers, Tanner Racing Products, and the new FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System options include:

  • —Aluminum AN Wrench options, different angles on heads, and various differing lengths will soon be available
  • —Steel and Aluminum Spanner Wrenches available
  • —Aluminum AN Wrench ends offer a very durable Nylon/Delrin jaw lining to ensure non-marring usage on shop tasks
  • —Steel “Bonney” style wrench sizes will be available along with the new FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System
  • Review Mittler Brothers AN Wrenches – Mittler Brothers already sells AN Wrenches and related shop/racing team accessories and tools including AN Wrenches that are laser etched, 90° and 15° ends, CNC/precision machined wrenches; color anodized for easy identification; AN Wrenches will not spread apart; currently, Mittler Brothers manufactures under Tanner Racing Products several styles of AN Wrenches available in a 6 through 16 Line Wrench Set, a 3 through 20 Line Wrench Set, and “3” 90° Line Wrench, a “4” 90° Line Wrench, a “6” 90° Line Wrench, an “8” 90° Line Wrench, a “10” 90° Line Wrench, a “12” 90° Line Wrench, a “16” 90° Line Wrench, and a “20” 90° Line Wrench, and additional tools and accessories
  • Review Mittler Brothers Adjustment Tools
  • Review Mittler Brothers Handheld Metal Forming Tools – these products include: hammers, mallets, a Blocking Hammer, a Soft Face Dead Blow Hammer, Soft Face Dead Blow Bossing Mallets, Wooden Mallets, Rivet Guns, a Swivel Riveting Tool, Hand Seamers, High Capacity Offset Snips, Curved T-Dollies, Straight T-Dollies, Shot Bag (12” Round), and Slappers

Order the Fast-AN® Tool System from Mittler Brothers

Buddy Lindblom’s LEE Race Technology, Inc., in collaboration with Mike and Paul Mittler of Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool/Tanner Racing Products.  Mittler Brothers is very pleased to offer these innovative, durable, American-made tools.  We are the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of FAST-AN® Tools, including the patented FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System brand, FAST-AN® Tools.  You can learn some more about these products with our announcement, the Fast-AN® Wrench Tool System blog post

You can purchase these products direct throughout Mittler Brothers by February, and there will be a launch in February of 2017, of to promote the products and to create a new sales channel for this branded product line.

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You may contact Mittler Brothers locally in Wright City, MO, at 636-745-7757 about purchasing the FAST-AN® Wrench Tool System or other products.  Customers and businesses may call us nationwide at 800-467-2464.  Businesses can reach our sales department by e-mail at: [email protected].

Note:  Information contained on this page includes information and citations regarding the release of the new Fast-AN® Wrench Tool System from a Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool newsletter dated 2/6/2016.