Fein Tools Magnetic Drill for Sale

Fein Tools' Magnetic Drill Is Available for Sale at Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool

“Fein Tools:  We have tried them...and...[this drill is] the Best in Class.”—Mittler Brothers’ 2015 Product Catalog

Mittler Brothers Has Fein Tools’ Magnetic Drill for Sale

If you are looking for a great magnetic drill for individual use, for a machine shop, and auto body shop or automotive repair shop, for racing teams, construction work or for you individual purchase, Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products are proud to offer a great Fein Tools Magnetic Drill for sale—specifically, the JHM ShortSlugger Magnetic Drill (Model JHM).  This compact tool is powerful and offers an ideal power-to-weight ratio.  This drill from Fein Tools is one of the best we have seen and Mittler Brothers is now offering products from Fein Tools in 2015.

Contact Mittler Brothers for ordering help, or for assistance selecting the right tool, machinery and/or accessories that you need for your business or for personal use.  You may e-mail us your questions at: sales@mittlerbros.com.  Businesses, racing teams, machinists, shops and individual customers may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464, or you may call locally in Wright City, MO, (just west of St. Louis) at 636-745-7757.

Fein Tools:  JHM ShortSlugger Magnetic Drill (Model JHM)

The Fein Tools’ JHM ShortSlugger Magnetic Drill (our preferred Fein Tools Magnetic Drill for sale in this power-to-weight ratio) has a very compact tool design along with durable, versatile engineering that should give individuals, machine shops, automotive repair shops, mechanics, auto body shops, customization experts, racing teams and other business the ideal power-to-weight ratio for a lightweight magnetic drill.  In our opinion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more powerful and versatile tool in this weight class.  This specific drill is quite ideal for mag base drilling in difficult-to-reach workspaces, tight areas of a workpiece, or in shops with restricted space—and, it is portable so you can take it just about anywhere you need to go.

Some of the JHM Short Slugger Magnetic Drill features and product specifications include:

  • — A mag base drill with ideal power-to-weight ratio for handheld use
  • — An very compact, portable design
  • — A positional feed hand wheel (you may move from one side to the other for easy drilling)
  • — Concealed motor wiring engineering prevents wires from  snagging entangling with your workpiece
  • — Internal cooling of the drill motor
  • — Guide readjustment is quite easy to utilize
  • — 1800 lbs. magnetic holding forces (maximum)
  • — Power usage is 750 watts
  • — 430 watts power output
  • — No load motor speed is 680 RPM
  • — Full load motor speed is 430 RPM
  • — 7” x 3-¾” magnetic base sizing
  • — 1-3/16” maximum diameter HSS cutter
  • — 1-3/16”/1-5/8” maximum diameter drilling
  • — 30 mm/40 mm maximum diameter drilling (metric sizing)
  • — ¾” Weldon core bit holder
  • — A 2” maximum cutter drilling depth/core drill maximum depth
  • — A 2-9/16” stroke
  • — Lightweight drill design—approximately 22 lbs. according to the EPTA
  • — This model’s standard additional equipment/accessories includes: a chip hook, 4 centering pins, an Allen key (5 mm standard), a touch guard, a coolant tank, a case, and a safety strap

You can see this and other handheld power tools manufactured by Fein Tools in the Mittler Brothers 2015 Products Catalog.  You may request a printed copy of our 2015 Product Catalog, which is available now.  Please note that all specific information posted here is from the Fein Tools U.S. website and the Mittler/Tanner 2015 product catalog and are believed accurate at the time of posting, but if you have questions, please refer to the Fein Tools U.S. website, our 2015 catalog, or contact Mittler Brothers for further product details or information about product specifications.

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Contact Mittler Brothers with Product Inquiries about Our Fein Tools’ Magnetic Drill for Sale

Contact Mittler Brothers for any help that you need selecting our wide range of power tools, handheld metalworking tools, machinist and machine shop sheet metal fabrication equipment, tools and accessories or other products.   Our individual product listings as well as the product catalog has a lot of information about specifications and product details.  We are thoroughly impressed with the Fein Tools Magnetic Drill for sale (mag base drill style) available through Mittler Bros., and we are also carrying other Fein Tools handheld power tools in 2015.  We hope that you will appreciate the innovative designs, power and overall performance of these high-quality, durable, well-built and German-engineered Fein Tools that are now available at Mittler Bros.  Besides handheld grinders and a metal saw, we will now be able to offer the full line of Fein Tools.

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