* All of the "Gold Series Designer Rolls" will fit existing 1-1/8" Throat Mittler Bros. Bead rollers.
Mittler Bros New Gold Series Designer Rolls - Barbed Wire Roll Set

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool

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Gold Series Designer Rolls
Barbed Wire Roll Set  


Wright City, Missouri, March 12, 2014:

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool would like to announce our newest product line to our ever growing list of Metal Fabrication Tools, the new Gold Series Designer Rolls. Model # 203-BW a Barbed Wire Roll Set for Mittler Brothers Bead Rollers, is the first in this series.The Barbed Wire Roll Set will form patterned barbed wire designs on sheet metal panels. This innovative new series will be doing things with bead rolls that have never been done. Additional rolls are planned and will each feature a different pattern which can be rolled into sheet metal panels using a bead roller to create intricate decorative accents.


Quick Facts

  • Model # 203-BW Barbed Wire Roll Set (Fits All 1-1/8" Throat MB Bead Rolls)
  • Max Capacity: .050 Aluminum 
  • The top roll is Heat Treated and Titanium Nitride Coated for long life
  • The bottom roll is Urethane
  • MSRP Price: $295.00

Mittler Bros New Gold Series Designer Rolls - Barbed Wire Roll Set

 Mild Steel Example
22 Ga Mild Steel
 Example With Hem Roll 3 Bottom Roll
Replace Bottom Skateboard Wheel With Hem 3 For A Whole New Look (Sold Separately)

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About The New Mittler Bros. Gold Series Designer Rolls:

The tradition of taking customer suggestions and making them reality continues with this latest offering from Mittler Brothers. A customer, Alan Keppert of Chop Shop Customs. 737 Washington Drive West Bend Wi. 53095, brought the idea of a "Barbed Wire Bead Roll" to us and the guys in the shop liked the idea so they found a way to create it. This new method of making bead rolls has opened the company up to a whole new series of bead rolls based around decorative patterns and accents. If you have any ideas don't hesitate to send them over to us here at Mittler Bros.


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