Hydraulic Tubing Bender

Hydraulic Tubing Bender (90° Hydraulic Tube Bender Model) Available from Mittler Brothers

Choose the 90° Hydraulic Tubing Bender Manufactured by Mittler Brothers for Your Shop

The Hydraulic Tubing Bender (90° Hydraulic Tube Bender model) available from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products is an excellent choice of equipment for use in small shops.  This is essential fabrication equipment for businesses with machine shops, auto body shops, automotive repair companies, for racing teams, aviation restoration enthusiasts, machinists, and individual customers alike.  We offer a wide range of accessory products for this model, particularly a variety of Round Tube Shoe Sets, Pipe Shoe Sets and Square Tube Shoe Sets. If your business is involved in metal fabrication work or customization projects involving tubing, square tubes or pipes, then be sure to take a look at the features of this new Hydraulic Tube Bender model.

You may contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products with any of your Tube Bender product questions (or other product inquiries), or for general advice about selecting the right equipment, tools, parts and/or accessories for a job.  Business customers, automotive repair shops, auto body shops, racing teams, and individual customers may call us nationwide at 800-467-2464, or locally in the St. Louis area/Eastern Missouri area at 636-745-7757.  You may reach us by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

Hydraulic Tubing Bender:  Product Features

The Hydraulic Tubing Bender (90° Hydraulic Tube Bender Model) is an ideal piece of equipment for individual customers, machinists, custom metalworkers/artists, aviation restoration enthusiasts, and of course, for racing teams, auto body shops, automotive repair shops and any small business with a machine shop.  This lightweight, yet powerful, Tube Bender is engineered to be a machine shop tool that is easily portable to offsite locations for additional usage flexibility and versatility.

Our Hydraulic Tubing Bender (90° Hydraulic Tube Bender) offers a variety options and convenient usage features including:

  • —25-ton powered capacity for Hydraulic Tube Bending
  • —Specifications for maximum tubing and pipe capacity:  2” Outer Diameter (O.D.) tubing with a 0.125” wall (maximum size); and, 1-½” pipe (1.90” O.D.) with a  0.145” wall thickness
  • —Bends ¾” to 2” O.D. or  “standard size” pipe/tubing
  • —Bends square tubing ranging from ¾” to 2”
  • —Easily bends mild steels, Stainless Steel, aluminum, and 4130 tubing and pipe grades
  • —Portable at Hydraulic Tubing Bender weighing at 60 lbs.
  • —No need to anchor this 90° Tube Bender for general usage
  • —Small-sized and medium-sized Adjustable Saddles are included with the purchase of this Tube Bender
  • —Engraved Reference Scale with the purchase of this equipment; scale is designed for easy repeatability of bends for the same sized pipe or tubing
  • —A 1-hour instructional DVD is also included with the purchase of this Hydraulic Tubing Bender
  • Review the Hydraulic Tubing Bender (90° Model) product listing page available at the Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products online store

Please note that Hydraulic Pumps are sold separately as well as additional Tube Bender Shoes, Tube Bender Shoe Sets, accessory items and tool stand(s).

Additionally, we offer a wide range of accessories for 90° Hydraulic Tubing Benders that include:

  • Hydraulic 90° Tube Bender Shoes – we have a wide range of Round Tube Shoe Sets (currently 26 sets in inches and metric sizing), Square Tube Shoe Sets (currently five sets in inches), and Pipe Shoe Sets (currently five sets in inches)
  • Tube Bender Accessories – Adjustable Saddles for 90° and 180° Tube Benders, several sizes of Bend Protractors, a Digital Angle Gauge With Level, an 8” Digital Protractor, a Digital Readout for the 90° Tubing Bender, Hydraulic Pumps and various accessories for our 180° Tube Benders
  • 90° Tube Bender Stand – a compact vertical shop stand that is easily portable, usable offsite from your business location, and this stand allows the user to create bends in the “negative plain”

If you are interested in Tube Bender Shoe Sets, 180° Tube Benders, and various other accessory items, feel free to review the Tube Benders section of the Mittler Brothers online store, so that you are familiar with our available products in this category.

Contact Mittler Bros. for Your Hydraulic Tubing Bender, Shoe Sets, Accessories and Other Machine Shop Products

Businesses and individual customers may contact Mittler Bros. direct with any product questions that you have about our Hydraulic Tubing Bender (90°), accessories, Shoe Sets, Hydraulic Pumps or about our more heavy-duty 180° Hydraulic Tube Benders and accessories.  We also sell other products that may be ideal for your machine shop, such as, our Tube Notchers and Accessories, or take your tube bending to the next step with our 2-D and 3-D modeling software, our Tube Bender Software, for highly accurate and repeatable tasks.  You may contact Mittler Bros. with any product inquiries, for help with selecting products and accessories, for purchases or to ask about other equipment and parts that you may need for metal fabrication work.

Small businesses, automotive repair shops, auto body shops, automotive racing teams, machinists, aviation restoration enthusiasts, and individual customers may call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-467-2464.  For callers in Eastern Missouri or St. Louis, feel free to call us locally at 636-745-7757.  You may reach Mittler Bros. by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.