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Automotive Degree Plates and Accessory Equipment

Choose the Right Equipment for the Job

Choose automotive degree plates and racing adjustment tools and equipment from a leader in automotive equipment manufacturing for racing customization, Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool/Tanner Racing Products. We offer alignment and automotive customization products in many tool and equipment categories.

Racers in all classes, auto body shops and general machine shops, all need the best tool for the job.  Whether you need sheet metal fabrication equipment or highly sensitive alignment tools, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products has you covered with easy-to-use equipment designed for working on cars.

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Accurate Degree Plates and Adjustment Tools

Our alignment equipment, design software and individual accessories are highly accurate.  Precision engineering is our specialty and we hope that our automotive degree plates and adjustment tools meet and exceed the expectations of professional race drivers, aficionados, and automotive repair shops.  With years of experience supplying NASCAR racing teams, machine shops and racers in other classes, we know that durable and accurate automotive degree plates and adjustment tools are essential tools of the trade.

Some of our products, degree plates, accessories and related equipment include equipment for Fords, GM vehicles, and Bandolero.  Choose the equipment that your shop needs including:

Additional Alignment Equipment

Additional, useful equipment and accessories for degree plates and general alignments include:  Accu-lign, aircraft and automotive punch and flare sets, face plates, bead rollers and roll kits, degree wheel retrofit kits, upper finger lock plates, face plates (studs), sheet metal brakes, box and pan brakes, notchers, and a smart tool angle sensor.

Our additional multi-use, machine shop equipment includes portable carts, floor stands, and tables.

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