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Hydraulic Shop Presses, Dies, Punches and Accessories

Metalworking Hydraulic Presses

Mittler Bros. offers a range of hydraulic shop presses, dies, punches and accessories that are ideal for small machine shops, racing teams, auto body shops and automotive repair businesses. Our hydraulic shop presses and accessories are used in aircraft and boating/marine manufacturing and repairs.

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Three Great Features about Mittler Bros. Presses

Three outstanding features of our hydraulic and manual presses are durability (manufactured from 3/8” steel plating) and flexibility of use for customization. Since we have a passion for racing and automotive restoration, a few examples from the automotive industry are in order.

1) Portable, flexible-use hydraulic shop presses and fabrication equipment – Race teams need portable equipment for repairs on the race circuit. With presses that can handle sheet metal fabrication almost anywhere, repairs for damaged front, rear or door panels, hoods, fenders, or even custom fabricated parts a quick and can get your driver back on the track.

2) Custom fabricated parts - Many racecars have custom-built designs, driver security/roll cages (review information about our tube notchers – they are ideal for this sort of application) or other features that may require extremely difficult bends, folds, rolls or other shapes and metal forming for stock cars, Formula 1s, go-karts, quarter midgets, etc.

3) Automotive restorations – whether for classic cars, trucks or other vehicles, or for obsolete models with difficult to obtain parts, our hydraulic shop presses are ideal for custom fabrication of parts based on original OEM specifications or parts samples. Of course, customization options are nearly limitless, but our smaller presses are ideal for a car restoration enthusiasts and classic car aficionados.

Hydraulic Shop Presses and Manual Presses

Mittler Bros. manufactures machine shop presses (manual and hydraulic) generally in the 3-ton, 5-ton and 10-ton capacity range. Our presses and accessories include:

  • 5 Ton and 10 Ton Hydraulic Shop Presses or Bench Presses
    • Electric pumps, air pumps, hoses, fittings, and miscellaneous parts available
    • Steel plate construction
    • Usable as standard arbor presses
    • Wide range of hydraulic shop press accessories – our presses use standard flares and punches for oblong, round and square holes
  • Manual Bench Presses
    • 3 ton capacity on bench presses and Louver press kits
    • Wide range of accessories, flares, punches, standard kits, Louver blocks, dome Louvers, kits and punch stripper assemblies
  • Additional Accessories - Dzus punches, corner punch assemblies, punch and die mounting kits, hex, oblong, round, rectangular and square punches, corner radius punches, metric sizes, shear plates, 90 degree bend kits, and many other useful accessories (learn more about Louver Press Kits)

Mittler Bros. also stocks a wide range of handheld metal forming tools as well, but with hydraulic shop presses, you can fabricate standardized or custom parts from aluminum, mild steels, mild alloys or even brass easily.

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