Metal Shapers

Metal Shapers—English Wheels, Metal Shaper Station, Anvils, Wheels and Accessories

Sheet Metal Shapers and Workstation

If you are looking for metal shapers, then choose the Mittler Bros. Metal Shaper Station for English Wheels.  This is an ideal metal shaping workstation for using an English Wheel and accessories for simple or complex sheet metal fabrications and bends.  If you own an automotive repair shop, an auto body shop, or a racecar for NASCAR, or in other lighter vehicle categories under 1,000 lbs. including Formula 1s, Bandolero, quarter midgets, go-karts, these metal shapers, stations and accessories are essential for sheet metal panel fabrications, customization projects or general repairs.

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Superior Metal Shapers with the Accessories Your Racing Team or Repair Shop Requires

Our superior metal shapers, English Wheels, Power Hammers, Shrinker/Stretchers, Planishing Hammers and accessory parts are designed for racing teams, automotive repair and auto body shops.  With these versatile products and accessories, your personnel should be able to create simple or complex sheet metal fabrications for replacement parts, replacement panels or customized fabrications.

The Mittler Bros. Metal Shaper Station offers the following standardized features:

  • Metal Shaping Station work cell offers easy hammering and blocking to pre-form custom steel or aluminum parts, particularly replacement panels
  • Complete wheeling, raising and finishing sheet metal panels
  • General sheet metal shrinking or sheet metal stretching applications (Mittler Bros. also sells a selection of Shrinker/Stretchers, individual Shrinkers, individual Stretchers, combo units, and a wide assortment of related accessories and replacement parts
  • Planishing sheet metal including fabricating motorcycle tanks, automotive hoods, hood scoops, fenders and flares, door panels/skins and other parts
  • Learn more about Mittler Planishing Hammers and accessories

Metal Shaper Station Features

Our shaper station comes fully complete with a stand, a Shrinker/Stretcher Body with Jaws, a Forming Head (MFH09 Classic Bowl), a 12” Shot Bag, and six Lower Anvil Wheels, standard.  Using these metal shapers is even easier when you utilize our unique design of an Upper Wheel “CAM” Release Foot Operated Shrinker/Stretcher that is part of the standard equipment options.

These metal shapers have the following specifications:

  • Maximum capacity for this station is 16 Gauge mild steel (.060”) and 10 Gauge soft aluminum (.100”)
  • CNC-machined heat-treated steel frame construction
  • Working height is up to 47” with a 52” width and 55” depth
  • Maximum anvil opening of 1”
  • Upper Wheel 2” wide x 4 ½” diameter
  • Rolls case hardened metals
  • Six Anvil Wheels are included with standard product, specifically 2 ½” diameter x 2” wide; flat 12” radius x ¾” wide; flat  8 ½” radius x ½” wide; flat  5” radius x 3/8” wide; flat 3 ¼” radius x ¼” wide; and flat  2 3/8” radius x 1/8” wide

Additional Metal Shaping Products for Your Workstation or Shop

Bench Mount English Wheel

  • Standard Bench Mount English Wheel—26 ½” deep throat, 17 ½” from bottom frame to the top of the anvil wheel, 2 ½” OD – 2” wide anvils, and 7” OD x 2” wide Top Wheel; additionally, this is rugged tube construction (3” x 4” x ¼”); the standard model has adjustable anvil wheel angles, a Kick Wheel Manual Pressure Adjustment, Cam Action Release on the top wheel for rapid anvil changes; this English Wheel has six anvil wheels Included; and the maximum metal tooling capacity is 16 Gauge (.060”) mild steels or 10 Gauge (.100”) soft aluminum
  • Unwelded Standard Bench Mount English Wheel Kit—this kit includes all English Wheel machined parts; parts are cut to length for the frame material; detailed step-by-step blueprints and instructions are included
  • Standard English Wheel Kit—English Wheel machined parts only

Free-Standing Floor Model English Wheel models available

Anvil Wheels and Accessories

  • Optional Floor Stand w/Locking Casters supports the Mittler 2210-H Hydraulic Bench Press and the Mittler 2900 English Wheel series
  • Anvil Wheels are CNC machined in-house and heat treated steel is hard turned after heat treatment for accurate concentricity (2 ½” diameter x 2” wide)
  • Our line of anvil wheels includes the following models: Flat Anvil Wheel, 12” Radius with ¾” Flat Anvil Wheel, a 8 ½” Radius with ½” Flat Anvil Wheel, a 5” Radius with 3/8” Flat Anvil Wheel, a 3 ¼” Radius with ¼” Flat Anvil Wheel, a 2 3/8” Radius with 1/8” Flat Anvil Wheel, a Set of Wheels (previous six wheels), a 3” OD x ¾” with Flat Edging Anvil Wheel, 3" OD x ¾” with Radius Deep Reach Anvil Wheel, and a Replacement Upper Wheel with a 7” OD

Learn more about English Wheels from Mittler Bros. or contact us about the specific metal shapers, English Wheels, anvils, Shrinker/Stretchers, Power Hammers, Planishing Hammers, handheld metal forming tools or other sheet metal fabrication tools that your business needs.  We offer many more product categories and accessory parts.

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