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Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (Tanner Racing Products) is a tool, machinery and machine shop equipment manufacturer in in Wright City, MO, (636-745-7757) supplying automotive businesses, automotive repair shops, auto body shops, racing teams, sheet metal fabrication job shops, and businesses small and large with machine shop equipment and tooling accessories, and we supply industrial companies and manufacturing businesses with the options of developing, manufacturing, testing, calibrating and deliver custom automation solutions.

Contact Mittler Brothers with any questions that you may have about any products in our machine shop equipment, tools, machinery, and accessories, or about any of the products available direct from Tanner Racing Products at our online store.  The new 2016 Mittler Brothers Product Catalog is already available and you may request a printed copy of the catalog or download a pdf version of the catalog right now so you may peruse the machinery, equipment, tools, accessories and related products that are currently available from machine shop equipment manufacturer Mittler Brothers.

Businesses or individual retail customers may call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464.  If you have any particular questions about metal fabrication/machine shop products, tools and accessories, you may reach our sales team by e-mail at:

Machine Shop Equipment Manufacturer:  Available Primary Product Categories

Mittler Brothers offers sheet metal fabrication machinery, equipment, tools and accessories, as well as a wide range of general fabrication equipment, customization tools, fabrication or production machinery, hand tools, powered hand tools, machine shop equipment, and a wide range of accessories for many items, particularly for shop and fabrication equipment and machinery.  We also provide high-end automotive parts and even miscellaneous aircraft tools and product options.

Take a few minutes to review our entire product category, search for particular equipment, tools, parts, accessories, or other machine shop equipment from the manufacturer Mittler Brothers.

Our general product categories include:

  • Aircraft Tools – Aircraft Punch & Flares, Louver Punches, Aircraft Scales, Instrumentation and dashboard parts, etc.
  • Bead Rollers – Bead Rollers, Bead Rolls, Designer Bead Rolls, Rotary Machines, and Bead Roller Accessories
  • Bench Presses – Manual Bench Presses, Hydraulic Bench Presses, 3-Ton Bench Presses, 10-Ton Bench Presses, Bench Press Tooling and Accessories, Two-Sided Manual Bench Press, Quad Bench Press, etc.
  • Beverly Shears – Beverly Shears, Reversible Replacement Blades, etc.
  • Blazin' Pits BBQ
  • Clecos – Clecos, kits, pliers, or a clamp
  • Custom Billet Crankshafts – please contact us about specifications, etc.
  • Dimple Dies – various individual dies and sets
  • English Wheels – Bench Mount English Wheel, Floor Model English Wheel, Shaper Station, anvils, Anvil Wheels, tool stand, and accessories
  • Fein Tools – well-built, German engineered, powered hand tools including grinders, a saw and a magnetic drill—look for more items in 2016
  • Instructional DVDs/Books – a selection of instructional DVDs covering a wide range of sheet metal fabrication and customization tasks from the likes of Ron Covell, Ron Fournier and Jamey Jordan
  • Jamey Jordan Signature Series – our product line developed in conjunction with sheet metal customization and fabrication artist Jamey Jordan includes a wide range of standardized Bead Rollers and Rotary Machine products as well as accessories, general Bead Rolls, and various artwork Bead Rolls developed with Jamey Jordan for this particular product line
  • Louver Press Kit – Lover Press Kits, Hydraulic Pumps, Dzus Punches, Punch & Dies and other Press Tooling, Tubing Dies, Corner Radius Punch, etc.
  • Metal Forming Hand Tools
  • Planishing Hammer – 12” Planishing Hammer, 24” Planishing Hammer, Metal Shaper Station, and Planishing Hammer Anvils
  • Power Hammer – Power Hammer, Single Head Power Hammer, Double-Headed Power Hammer, Power Hammer Pedestal, Fabricated Arms, Power Hammer Dies, weldment and pedestal drawings available
  • Punch & Flares/Punches – Aircraft Punch & Flares, Automotive Punch & Flares—we have an extensive selection of Punch & Flares
  • Rear Ends – high-end automotive and/or race car Rear Ends, 9” Racing Housings, axles, Drive Flanges, Differential Housings and Hubs, Rear End accessories parts, Rear Hubs, Front Hubs, Rear End Narrowing Kits, Floater Housing Kits, etc.
  • Sheet Metal Brakes – 16 Gauge Sheet Metal Brakes, 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Brakes, Box & Pan Brakes, Sheet Metal Foot Shears, Radius Brakes, and many optional accessories, parts and related products
  • Shrinker/Stretcher – Powered Shrinker/Stretcher, Shrinkers & Stretchers, Replacement Parts, Press Tooling, Jaws, Jaw Set Series, Standard Power Kit, etc.
  • Spools – high-end automotive spools ideal for a variety of racing vehicle classes
  • Tool Stands – variety of types of tool stands, stationary stands, stands with casters, and stands for particular equipment or machinery
  • Tube Benders – Hydraulic 90° Tube Bender, Hydraulic 180° Tube Bender, Hydraulic 90° Tube Bender Shoes, Hydraulic 180° Tube Bender Shoes, Manual 180° Tube Bender, Manual 180° Tube Bender Shoes, Tube Bender Accessories, and 2D & 3D Bend-Tech Software
  • Tube Notchers – Double Sided VS Ultimate Tube Notcher, Hydraulic Tube Notchers, VS Ultimate Tube Notcher, Single Speed Ultimate Tube Notcher, Hole Saw Notchers, Tube Notcher Accessories, Optional Cutters, Hydraulic Tube Notcher Accessories, Pipe Masters, etc.

The 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog is now available!  You may request a printed copy by mail, or feel free to download the 2016 catalog (pdf file format).

Be Sure to Review Tanner Racing Products for Other Machine Shop Equipment, Machinery, Tools, Tooling, and High-End Automotive Replacement Parts

We would also like to let you know that there are many high-end automotive equipment, alignment and set-up equipment, machinery, tools, accessories, custom crankshafts, and other equipment and parts available through our online store or you may review the menu categories under Tanner Racing Products.  We offer high-end automotive equipment designed or at the performance level of a wide range of the racing circuits and we also sell other products that our sponsored teams, race team customers, and automotive enthusiasts, and restoration DIYers have suggested over the years.

We do design and manufacture some of this equipment, particularly the automotive shop equipment, as well as provide automotive repair businesses, machine shops, machinists, mechanics, and racing teams with unique, custom-built parts and equipment, replacement parts and upgrades in a variety of product classes.  Be sure to take a few minutes to review the products available on the Tanner Racing Products side of the Mittler Brothers e-commerce store.

Visit Mittler Brothers Online or Contact Us about Foot Shears

Be sure to visit the Mittler Brothers online store in order to purchase or to learn about any of our sheet metal fabrication equipment, machine shop equipment and machinery, upgrade options, parts, replacement parts, and various accessories by product category.  Other than the custom-built products listed in Mittler Brothers that are for high-end automotive applications, most of these products have considerable product details and even short demonstration videos—you can learn a lot more by reviewing individual product listings for specific shop products including the product details and options section of the main product page.  Also, you can learn about Mittler Brothers on our YouTube! Channel where you can find shop machinery demonstration videos all located in one convenient place as well.

Contact Mittler Brothers with any questions that you have about products or for sales assistance.  You may call us at 636-745-7757, or you may call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-467-2464.  If you have specific product inquiries, or questions about our business-to-business custom fabrication capabilities, then you may contact us by e-mail at: