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More Than Just a Machine Shop Equipment Supplier

Mittler Brothers Is a Leading, Missouri, Machine Shop Equipment Supplier

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (call us at 636-745-7757, or toll-free at 800-467-2464) is a leading, Missouri machine shop equipment supplier and primary manufacturer.  We produce a wide range of machine shop or job shop equipment for sheet metal fabrication tasks.  We also supply a wide range of necessary equipment, machinery, systems, tools, parts and various accessory products that are essential for a variety of machine shops from industrial and manufacturing job shops, or for small and mid-sized businesses, to companies in need of custom industrial solutions, to automotive repair business, auto body shop, mechanics and machinists, construction companies, and many other businesses.

We do recommend that you learn more about Mittler Brothers and our automotive business, Tanner Racing Products, as well as to review the wide range of machine shop machinery, shop equipment, tools, accessories, and related items that are in our inventory and available for purchase through the Mittler Brothers online store.

You can review the main types of equipment, machinery, tools, and accessories available at Mittler Brothers, your machine shop equipment supplier, by perusing our web store.  Our primary product categories, most of which including multiple equipment models, parts and accessories.  These product categories include a wide range of metal fabrication equipment: Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, and accessories for both; Tube Notchers and accessories, Sheet Metal Brakes (Box & Pan, Radius Brakes, Straight Brakes, and accessories; Sheet Metal Shears and accessories; Tube Benders and accessories, Shrinker/Stretchers and accessories; Beverly Shears, Bench Presses and accessories; English Wheels and accessories; Power Hammers and accessories; Planishing Hammers and accessories; Louver Press Kit; Punch & Flares; Aircraft Tools, Fein Tools from Germany; Metal Forming Hand Tools; equipment Tool Stands; automotive Rear Ends; automotive Spools; Custom Billet Crankshafts; and many other products.

Tanner Racing Products Is a Machine Shop Equipment Supplier Focused on High-End Automotive and Racecar Products and Equipment

Well, besides being racing fans, Tanner Racing Products produces a range of very innovative automotive equipment, systems and parts.  Some of the products we manufacture and we do sell some essential racing-oriented equipment and parts from other manufacturers, but our automotive shop equipment is available direct from Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Brothers and most items may be ordered through the Mittler Brothers online store.

You can learn more about Tanner Racing Products as well as machine shop machinery, equipment, tools, accessories and related items by reviewing our main menu-level sections.  A few our automotive, shop and/or racing equipment, machinery, and parts include:  the brand new HydroShox Racing Suspension System (with advanced HydroShox), G2/G3 Shocks, Platinum 4Shocks, Vision Shocks, Quarter Midget Shocks and Springs, Shock Rebuild Kits and tools, and other accessories; the Accu-Lign alignment system; Adjustment Tools; Leveling equipment; Set Up Equipment; Pull Down Rigs; Small Car Chassis Dyno; Pivot Jacks; Bump Steer Gauges, Bump Stop Adjuster and accessories; Racing Scales and Pads including a new WiFi model; Sprockets; Extreme Tire Management system and accessories; Data Recording devices; Pyrometers; Clamp On Accessories; Gauge and Switch Panels; Switches & Electrical parts; Tire Gauges; and miscellaneous accessories, tools, and many other types of replacement parts.

We also happen to sponsor a racing team and participate in events throughout the year.  You learn more about Mittler Brothers Motorsports (MB Motorsports) on our site, or feel free to sign up with one of the social media outlets that we use.

Custom Industrial and Manufacturing Automation Capabilities

Your machine shop equipment supplier also provides manufacturers and industrial companies with completely custom-designed Industrial Automation solutions, custom equipment and machinery.  We also provide clients with Design/Build Services, engineering, fabrication, programming, testing and delivery.  Additional we are a FANUC Authorized Integrator and we also have experience with PLC Programming and integrating other leading brands of robotics automation systems.  Be sure to learn more about Mittler Brothers’ fabrication capabilities, and review our Job Shop and production Facilities List.  Also, you can take a look at some of the different types of industrial and manufacturing machinery and automation project examples for the industries that we primarily serve:  industrial, manufacturing, automotive, oil/gas, rail industry, and medical.  We bring 35 years of experience to the table for custom automation solutions and we serve major industries worldwide including smaller manufacturers, consumer products manufacturers, and general industries in need of custom industrial automation solutions.

Learn More About Our Machinery, Equipment, Manufacturing and Products for Sale

Mittler Brothers does post a variety of machinery demonstrations throughout our online store and on our YouTube! account.  You can learn more about specific machinery by viewing the Mittler Brothers YouTube! Channel.   You can also review shop machinery demonstration videos about specific machinery and equipment that is available for sale direct from our inventory.

Also, with larger commercial purchases (over $1,000) you may be eligible for our commercial equipment financing service.  Terms are negotiable for deliverables on custom industrial automation solutions or robotics integration, for example.

You may request a printed copy of our product catalog, or you may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog right now or for your later reference.

Contact Mittler Brothers or Tanner Racing Products, Your Machine Shop Equipment Suppliers

Customers may purchase inventory stock items direct at the Mittler Brothers online store.  Business customers may order items direct as well, or you may contact Mittler Brothers at 636-745-7757 toll-free at 800-467-2464.  Businesses interested more information about products or services available from your machine shop equipment supplier may reach the sales department by e-mail at: