Machine Shop Tool Stands

Machine Shop Tool Stands for Automotive and Machine Shops

Mittler Brothers Manufactures a Range of Machine Shop Tool Stands

Machine Shop Tool Stands from designed, engineered by Missouri manufacturer Mittler Brothers offer a durable platform to use Bead Rollers, Rotary Machines, Bench Presses, English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, Tube Notchers, Tube Benders and Shrinker/Stretchers.  Whether you own an automotive repair shop, an auto body shop, a machine shop, a manufacturing company, a race team or you are an individual needing Machine Shop Tool Stand(s), you can’t go wrong with the durable, solidly constructed and built tool stands available direct from manufacture Mittler Brothers (and Tanner Racing Products).

Businesses, racing teams and individual DIY customers are always welcome to call Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products nationally, toll-free at 800-467-2464, or to call us locally in Eastern Missouri/the St. Louis metropolitan region at 636-745-7757 for sales assistance or for answers to your questions.  You may contact Mittler Brothers or you can reach us by e-mail at:

Choose the Right Machine Shop Tool Stand(s) for the Job

Mittler Brothers manufacturers a wide range of tool stands, some portable, some with H-frames/H-bases for a variety of equipment.  If you require Machine Shop Tool Stands for Bead Rollers, Tube Benders, Tube Notchers, English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, Bench Presses, Rotary Machines, Shrinker/Stretchers or other equipment, we have you covered.  We have floor stands and portable stands with casters to meet a wide range of needs.

Our line of Machine Shop Tool Stands includes:

  • Quad Press Stand – solidly built equipment stand with locking casters and a storage tray
  • 90° Tube Bender Stand – features a portable, roll around stand design for use onsite or easily portable to other locations; use of cubic feet for bending equipment instead of taking up valuable floor square footage; allows a user to make bends in the “negative plain” as well; Tube Bender and pump sold separately
  • Adjustable Bead Roller Stand – adjustable 4” up and 4” down; industrial coated finish; fits most Mittler Bead Rollers excluding Bead Roll Holder (200-RH) and 42" Bead Rollers; approximate floor-to-work height is 36” to 44”
  • Foot Operation Stand Only – convenient tool stand that allows a user to use a foot to control the machine while hands are free to move metal; please note that Shrinker/Stretcher is note included
  • Optional Floor Stand with Locking Casters - this Optional Floor Stand works with 2210-H Hydraulic Bench Press or 2900 English Wheel and the stand is adaptable to use with most other manufacturers tools; locking casters allow for nearly unparalleled use maneuverability; the stand has a storage shelf
  • Heavy Duty Floor Stand For 48" Sheet Metal Brake – solidly build and designed, heavy duty floor stand for our 48” Sheet Metal Brake
  • Bead Roller Stand with Locking Casters – convenient 3-wheeled durable construction for bead rollers allows you to move the stand around the shop; and the casters lock as well
  • Rotary Machine Floor Stand with "H" Base – durable construction in an “H” style base (no casters) for used with Rotary Machines
  • H-Frame Floor Stand – solid construction; this is a Bead Roller Stationary Stand with "H" style base
  • Floor Stand -  Universal Tool Stand designed for use with Manual Bench Presses, Hydraulic Bench Presses, Planishing Hammers, Tube Notchers and Shrinker/Stretchers
  • Ultimate Roll Around Stand - Ultimate Roll Around Stand for Mittler Brothers Ultimate Tube Notcher; this tool stand also features Cutter storage, double plug-in box and locking casters

Please contact Mittler Brothers about shipping, many stands ship truck freight due to size.

Contact Mittler Brothers for Machine Shop Tool Stands and Equipment

For detailed product listings about our Machine Shop Tool Stands, equipment or accessory products, we recommend that you obtain our latest products catalog or visit our e-commerce store.  You may download the 2014 Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products Catalog for later reference or for a shop or other business, or businesses and individuals are welcome to request a print copy of the 2014 Product Catalog.

Businesses and individual customers are welcome to call Mittler Brothers nationally, toll-free at 800-467-2464, or you call us locally in Eastern Missouri/the St. Louis metropolitan area at 636-745-7757.  You can reach us by e-mail at: