Metal Brake

Metal Brake Fabrication for Racecars, General Automotive Use and Repairs

Mittler Brothers Metal Brake Equipment

If you race, work in a repair shop, work in a machine shop, work in a parts fabrication business, or work in metal fabrication in general, you know that a metal brake, radius brakes and metal shear brakes are essential for a range of tasks.  Whether you need to produce automotive sheet metal panels or manufacture parts, a metal brake is one of the most useful tools to have available for all of your sheet metal bending, cutting and fabrication requirements.

Contact Mittler Bros. for durable, long-lasting metal brake equipment and accessories, or you may reach us by calling us at at 1-800-467-2464.

Metal Brake Product Line and Accessories

The Mittler Brothers product line and associated accessories are extremely durable.  Many of our products use 3/8” (or better) plate steel in their construction, so, our customers know that Mittler equipment and products can withstand use after use in difficult working environments.  Our goal is to make products that last and meet the needs of our individual customers and business-to-business clients.

The Mittler Bros. Sheet Metal Brake product line includes:

  • Ultimate Box and Pan Brake – pan brakes, box and pan brakes, siding brakes, unique three finger design allows machinists to fabricate difficult sheet metal bends; our inventory includes:
    • -48" 16 Gauge Ultimate Box and Pan Brake Set
    • -72" 18 Gauge Ultimate Box and  Pan Brake with Floor Stand
    • -Models feature Wrenchless Upper Set Back Adjustments
    • -Models include Upper Fingers, Apron Fingers and Bed Fingers (additional Box & Pan Brake accessories available)
  • Radius Brakes – designed with racing/automotive fabrication and repairs in mind – our radius metal brake units are great for fabricating panels and general repairs/replacement parts
    • -6' Radius Brake with 5 radii (4 Radius Tubes & 1 Head)
    • -8' Radius Brake with 5 radii (4 Radius Tubes & 1 Head)
    • -Radius Brake for 72" 22 Gauge Brake 1/2" x 72" Long
    • -Upper Radius Brake (optional)
  • Sheet Metal Brakes – automotive sheet metal brake(s) make automotive side panel fabrications and replacements easy; review our online catalog for additional information
    • -16 Gauge Metal Brakes and accessories are also available for different models
    • -22 Gauge Brakes – ideal for small machine shops and repair businesses
    • -Radius Brake for 72" 22 Gauge Brake 1/2" x 72" Long
    • -Upper Radius Brake (optional)
    • -22 Gauge Capacity Sheet Metal Straight Brake 72" Wide
    • -22 Gauge Capacity Sheet Metal Straight Brake 96" Wide
  • Sheet Metal Foot Shears and Accessories
  • Sheet and Radius Metal Brake Accessories
    • -Adjustable Apron Stop
    • -Back Gauge Kit
    • -Radius Bars – 48” and 72” size models
    • -Floor Stand (heavy duty steel) for 48” pan/sheet metal brakes
    • -Metalworking hand tools, mallets, hammers, etc.
    • -Radius Bars or radii bars for 48” and 72” size models
    • -Wide variety of Finger Kits for Metal Brakes

Metal Brake and Fabrication Equipment—Made in the USA!

The Mittler Bros. product line, along with our Tanner Racing Products items, are some of the most dependable, long-lasting products available.  In addition, with Mittler Bros., customers are guaranteed that parts and fabrication equipment are made locally near St. Louis and “Made in the USA.”

Contact Mittler Bros. for more information about metal brakes, accessories or replacement parts or to purchase any of our Metal Brakes, Box & Pan Brakes, Foot Shears or other products in these categories. You can reach Mittler Bros. nationwide at 1-800-467-2464. If you are in St. Louis or eastern Missouri, feel free to call us locally in Wright City, MO, at 636-745-7757.