Mike Mittler's First Boss, Fran Diebold, Stopped By The Shop & He Brought With Him Mike's First Ever Tool Design

Mike Mittler With Fran


Mike Mittler's First Design


Fran Diebold stopped by to give Mike Mittler a tube notcher that he had designed and built while working in Fran’s shop in the 1970’s. A commemorative base was created by Fran using traditional metal shop techniques and years of skill. The notcher is still in good working order after all these years which is a testament for Mike Mittler’s knowledge and skills.


Mike Mittler said, “Fran Diebold was a great boss, I learned a lot working for him and he helped get me started in the Machine & Tool business. I was honored to see that my old boss had kept this Tube Notcher in his possession since the mid-seventies and I was even more honored that he took the time to craft such a beautiful base for it. It will kept in the Mittler Bros. lobby so that all our visitors can see that great success can come from hard work, determination and a little elbow grease."


In the 1980's Mike & his brother Paul Mittler worked on the machines concept, before finally releasing the Mittler Bros. Hydraulic Tube Notcher which is now in use in shops & garages all over the world.

For Info On The Hydraulic Tube Notcher CLICK HERE

   Hydraulic Tubing Notcher