Quarter Midget Shocks Quad Flow Piston

Quarter Midget Shocks: Quad Flow Piston and Parts for G2/G3/P4 and Vision Shocks

Racing, Quarter Midget Shocks Quad Flow Piston Is Now Available from Tanner Racing Products

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products has engineered a new, innovative Quarter Midget Shocks’ Quad Flow Piston announces the availability of a new piston design engineered specifically for lightweight vehicle racing classes.  Our brand new, professionally designed, engineered and manufactured Quad Flow Piston for Quarter Midget Shocks offers a wide range of performance benefits for drivers, pit crews and racing teams.  This Quad Flow Piston is specifically for Quarter Midget racecars.

Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products and MB Motorsports support the major racing circuits and race teams with high-performance automotive parts engineered for specific vehicle classes.  Our various racing parts meet the performance expectations and demands of vehicles in several racing circuit classes including NASCAR, NASCAR World Camping Series Trucks, for dragsters, and for lightweight vehicle classes including Bandoleros/Legend, Formula SAE, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup, and even Go-Karts.  We are avid racing fans ourselves, and have a particular engineered automotive parts to meet the specific, high-performance demands of racing, although many of our parts are ideal DIY repair and parts replacement projects as well.

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Quarter Midget Shocks Quad Flow Piston Is Engineered for Racing

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Missouri (west of the St. Louis metropolitan area), our new Quad Flow Piston for Quarter Midget Shocks is available for the 2014 racing season.  This Quarter Midget Shocks Quad Flow Piston is one more innovative product in our increasing line of Quarter Midget/Go-Kart parts and products. Our product line includes some of the best Shocks and Springs available for lightweight racecar vehicle classes.  We also offer Quarter Midget Springs (3-½” tall and 5” tall springs), Generation 2 Shocks (G2 and G3 product lines), Platinum 4 Shocks and Vision Shocks.  Additionally, we offer Shock Rebuilding Tools and Kits and Shock Service Parts.

Tanner Racing Products’ MB Shocks have been used consistently by winning race teams since 1999!

The Quarter Midget Shocks Quad Flow Piston is engineered for the high-performance demands of the racetrack.  This new Quad Flow Piston offers racing teams a range of performance benefits including the following features:

  • —Innovative design offers angular porting
  • —Internal channeling draws fluid away from the shock wall (this is where the fluid temperature is the coolest)
  • —Unique piston design offers flow characteristics allowing for linear, digressive or even progressive valving curves
  • —Fluid transfer ports (four ports)
  • —Built-in bleed ports (four ports)
  • —Fluid transfer ports and bleed ports offer drivers a much better, initial cold tire grip
  • —20° radial transfer ports have “Sandvick” shims (capped shim hats) for smooth, fast vehicle handling and control
  • —This Quad Flow Piston provides racing teams the most advanced compression and rebound curves available on the market
  • —Excellent, uniform tire wear when using our shocks
  • —Use this Quarter Midget Shocks Quad Flow Piston with G2, G3, Platinum and Vision shocks for Quarter Midgets

Additional Pistons, Shims and Parts for G2/G3/P4 and Vision Shocks

Tanner Racing Products also offers racing teams a variety of other piston designs, many specifically engineered for our various lines of shocks—G2/G3, P4 and Vision.  These additional pistons and related shocks parts are essential for any racing team using shocks in these series.

Our additional pistons and shock parts for Quarter Midgets and Go-Karts include:

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