Racing Data Recording Equipment

Racing Data Recording Equipment Is Available for Your Team from Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products Has the Racing Data Recording Equipment That Your Team Needs

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) offers a wide range of high-end automotive parts and also racing data recording equipment.  We have a selection of air gauges, tire gauges and other tools, as well as water-resistant, highly accurate stopwatches for use at the racetrack.  As racing fans ourselves, we have products that racing teams need for actual races as well as high-performance parts.  We have used input from our customers in selecting our product line and also in some of the parts that we fabricate and machine as well.   Whether your racing team runs in NASCAR, drag racing, or lighter vehicle classes such as Bandoleros, Formula 1/SAE, Quarter Midgets, MiniCup racers, or even Go-Karts, we are sure that our racing data recording equipment will come be quite handy at the racetrack.

You may contact Tanner Racing Products/Mittler Brothers if you need any assistance selecting the right racing data recording equipment or tool(s) that you need.  Tanner Racing Products also sells and/or manufactures a wide range of high-end automotive parts, so, review our online store or request a catalog, and you may always contact us about parts, tools, equipment or devices that you need for your racing team or racecar(s).  You may e-mail us your inquiries at: [email protected].  Additionally, you may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464, or call us locally in Wright City, MO, near St. Louis, at 636-745-7757.

Professional Quality Racing Data Recording Equipment:  Gauges and Stopwatches

Tanner Racing Products offers racing teams a wide range of useful products including racing data recording equipment for trial runs or actual racing.  We have a range of gauges and accurate stopwatches.  We also offer racing teams a wide range of other products including high-end automotive parts, shocks, and various types of leveling, alignment and set up equipment as well, besides miscellaneous automotive parts of all kinds.  But for teams and drivers, the gauges and stopwatches listed below are handy for any type of racing, racetrack or vehicle class.  Whether you race in NASCAR or lightweight vehicle classes including truck series, Bandolero, Formula 1/SAE, MiniCup, drag racing, Quarter Midgets, or even Go-Karts, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the usefulness and accuracy of these individual data recording devices.

Our product line of Racing Data Recording Equipment includes:

  • Air Density Gauges
    • ——Optimize engine tuning with these accurate gauges
    • ——Gauges have a 4” diameter face for easy reading
    • ——Air Density Gauge only (Product# 81000)
    • ——Air Density Gauge with Case (Product# 81000)

  • Robic Stopwatch: SC 501W Standard (Product# 25000)
    • ——Lap or split timing capabilities
    • ——1/1000 of a second resolution up to 24 hours
    • ——Auto-release to running time feature
    • ——Single-action time reading capability
    • ——Audible beep confirmation for timing
    • ——Large, easily readable numbers on the watch display
    • ——Water resistant to a depth of 30 meters

  • Robic Stopwatch: SC 505W Lap Memory (Product# 25100)
    • ——Professional quality stopwatch with 150 memory recalls each for up to three separate/individual chronographs
    • ——Multiple user functionality—you can track times of up to 3 competitors at once
    • ——Up to 450 memory recall functionality
    • ——Customize use as a race start timer for simultaneous or individual timing
    • ——Up to 150 memory recalls for each timer
    • ——Average, Fastest and Slowest lap times, number and speeds
    • ——Water resistant to a depth of 30 meters

  • Robic Stopwatch: SC-606W 30 Lap Dual-Memory Stopwatch with Countdown Timer (Product# 25120)
    • ——The new model now features 30 meter depth water resistance with a break-away lanyard, and a longer battery life
    • ——Ten-year warranty on the watch
    • ——Multi-mode stopwatch for recording laps, splits, or dual split modes
    • ——30 memory recalls of your previous readings—you can sort ascending or descending order
    • ——1/100 of a second resolution up to 24 hours
    • ——Automatically counts up to 1000 laps
    • ——Multi-mode countdown timer with stop, auto-repeat, or count-up mode functionality
    • ——1/10 of a second resolution during countdown
    • ——Preset time values ranging from 1 second to 24 hours
    • ——Five-year battery life on average

  • Robic Stopwatch: SC 848W 300 Dual Memory (Product# 25180)
    • ——The new model is now waterproof!
    • ——The Robic SC-848W replaces the SC-808—the standard for stopwatch for motorsports
    • ——Ten-year warranty on this stopwatch
    • ——Electro-luminescent (EL) backlight illuminates the entire display face of the watch
    • ——1/100 of a second precision up to a total of 25 hours
    • ——300 dual/split memory recall functionality
    • ——User may recall data in either direction
    • ——User may select an audible beep for confirmation or use the stopwatch in silent mode
    • ——User-selectable feature for running laps or split times
    • ——Speed timer displays in either MPH or KPH
    • ——Automatic lap counter goes to 999
    • ——Stroke-rate calculator displays total strokes per minute
    • ——300 dual/split memory recalls of lap speeds, times and numbers
    • ——Distance input is precise up to 1/1000 mi/km
    • ——Usability readings allow you to track the fastest, slowest and average lap speed along with the times
    • ——Dual countdown timers show the user the time remaining
    • ——The countdown timers will auto-repeat with a 99 cycle counter
    • ——Nine-position interval timer functionality cycles up to 9 intervals
    • ——Includes a convenient, break-away safety lanyard
    • ——Water resistant to a depth of 30 meters
    • ——Uses a CR-2032 battery
    • ——Five-year battery life on average

Additional Gauges and Equipment for Racecars

Tanner Racing Products also stocks and/or manufactures a wide range of other products that you might find as a useful addition to your line of racing data recording equipment and tools including:  PyrometersTire Gauges, the Extreme Tire Management System, Leveling Equipment including gauges and accessories, Automotive/Racing Scales and accessories, our innovative Pull Down Rig, the Accu-Lign System,  racecar Set Up Equipment, or our Small Car D-3 Chassis Dyno 60”.  Visit the Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products online store to find additional equipment, machinery, parts and accessories for your team’s racecar(s)—just a note, be sure to review the Mittler Brothers side of the online store for some of our precision-machined automotive parts.

You may request a printed copy of our 2015 Product Catalog, or, you may also download a pdf file of the catalog from this page so you can review our products at your convenience.

Contact Tanner Racing Products

Contact Tanner Racing Products if you need help finding the right data recording equipment, gauges, stopwatches, shocks, or alignment, set up and leveling equipment that you need for your racecar(s).  We also stock a wide range of replacement automotive parts, Racing Scales, spools, rear ends and other major parts—and, if you need a custom billet crankshaft, let us know since we build those as well.  Tanner Racing Products has a wide range of high-end automotive parts, and many of those parts were designed, engineered and manufactured with input from our customers and racing teams.

Businesses, automotive shops, racing teams, mechanics, drivers or individual DIYers may call ustoll-free, nationwide, at 800-467-2464.  If you are in Eastern Missouri or St. Louis, feel free to call us locally at 636-745-7757.  Individuals and companies may reach Tanner Racing Products by e-mail with any product inquiries or general questions at: [email protected].