Racing HydroShox Suspension Kit

New, Advanced Racing HydroShox Suspension Kit Now Available at Tanner Racing Products

Your Racecar Needs an Upgrade—Try the Racing HydroShox Suspension Kit!

Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool are adding a new, advanced, racing HydroShox Suspension Kit for professional quality, high-performance automotive supplies.  We know that racing teams will want to add these brand new shocks and related parts to your racecar(s).  We indicated earlier in “Tanner Racing Products Now Sells the Advanced, New Racing HydroShox Suspension System” that this new HydroShox Kit is the end result of a design and engineering partnership with MRC Fabrication.

We are pleased to announce the release of the HydroShox System.  This advanced suspension system designed and engineered for racecars offers you four advanced shocks, parts, accessories and instructions.  This entire shock system is designed for the performance requirements of the racetrack.

Racing HydroShox Suspension Kit Features and Improvements Over Previous Suspension Kits

Our racing, HydroShox Suspension System offers mechanics and pit crews a wide range of flexibility to get the job done right.  The CNC machined bodies offer up to 5” of hydraulic travel and up to 3” of shock travel with coil over spring rates in the range of 350 lbs. to 2,000 lbs.  And, these shocks offer drivers the performance they need where it counts!

This new suspension kit includes the following:

  • —4 HydroShox (specify 4” or 5” of travel when ordering)
  • —4 Coil Springs (specify the appropriate rate)
  • —1 12V Hydraulic Pump
  • —1 Billet Hydraulic Manifold with Flow Controls, Solenoid Valves
  • —Stainless Steel Braided Hose and fittings (DIY bulk)
  • —1 Switch Panel allows the user to have independent front and rear control  
  • —Wiring from the switch panel to the Hydraulic Pump and the manifold
  • —1 Remote Fluid Reservoir
  • —5-quart supply of Hydraulic Oil
  • —Installation instructions manual

This new suspension kit, our racing HydroShox Suspension Kit, features:

  • —Advanced engineering
  • —Corrosion-resistant parts
  • —12v Aluminum Hydraulic Pump
  • —Nickel-plated bodies
  • —Chrome-plated Shock Shafts
  • —Billet Hydraulic Manifold with Flow Controls
  • —Solenoid Valves allow independent control of front and rear suspension
  • —Engineered 3” of shock travel; 4” or 5” hydraulic travel available
  • —Stainless Steel Braided Hydraulic Lines
  • —3-quart Remote Fluid Reservoir

You can also check your spring rates ranging from 350 lbs. to 2,000 lbs.# (calculate your spring rate) to help you determine which model of the racing HydroShox Suspension Kit will fit our vehicle.

Shocks, Suspensions and Getting Your Racecar in Top Condition

You may visit the Mittler Brothers online store in order to learn about our racing HydroShox Suspension Kit, Shocks, Springs and Rebuild Kits, new WiFi Scales, precision measuring with our RaceScales, Racing Scales Roll Back Trays, and RaceScales Pads (review Tanner Racing Products RaceScales and accessories), and other Tanner Racing Products and Mittler Brothers products.  We produce a rather extensive selection of automotive shop, particularly geared towards racing teams and professional circuit teams as well.

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Tanner Racing Product has a wide selection of high-performance automotive parts, systems, accessories, and professional quality products, like our racing HydroShox Suspension Kit and the other automotive parts, tools, and shop equipment and machinery to get the work done at the shop or even at the racetrack.

Ordering, Commercial Financing, Direct Shipment to Your Location

We would like to let our business customers know that we have added at commercial financing services.  Your business may apply for financing with a minimum purchase amount.  For racing teams on a tight budget, this might make the difference.  Go on and give our new, racing HydroShox Suspension Kit a try!

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