Single Head Variable Speed Power Hammer Kit


Shaping, Shrinking & Stretching, and Soft Dies allow you to create compound shapes quickly & easily. The upper hammer stroke is adjustable to help produce the general shape and complete the finish work as well. A leather strap & leaf spring support the upper die assembly, which provides a cushioned blow that closely simulates shaping metal with a bossing mallet and shot bag.

  • One Variable Speed Power Hammer Assembly Mounted on Fabricated Upper & Lower Arm Weldments
  • Assembled & Mounted on Pedestal
  • Adjustments & Calibrations Properly Set
  • Factory Tested
  • Throat Depth: 26"
  • Both sides include Variable Speed Motors
  • Approx 900 Blows Per Minute
  • Based on 60 lb. Yoder M2 Hammer
  • Includes 1 Upper Flat Die & 1 Lower Radius Die



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Part 4200-150-VS
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