Step Die Kit (3 Sets)

Jamey Jordan Signature Series Step Die Kit

Jamey Jordan Signature Series

These dies will allow a softer, smoother finish on your step. Each roll will allow you create its own unique bead profile.

Includes: 202-105, 202-106, 202-107


Rolls are Nylatron (plastic or Delrin)
Nylatron Rolls are Ideal for Pre-Finished Materials as well as Copper, Brass & Thin Aluminum

All Standard Roll Sets 2-1/2" OD x 3/4"ID

More Information
Part 202-094
Bead Profile Step
Throat Height 1-1/8"
Roll Type Standard
Series Jamey Jordan Signature Series

For Use with all Standard (1-1/8” Throat) Bead Rollers

Models: 210-24, 210-24NV, 200-36, 200-36NV, 200-42, 210-24M, 202-24, 202-24NV, 202-36 & 202-36NV

These Rolls Work Best When Used With A Bead Roller With Adjustable Shaft

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