WiFi Racing Scales

Tanner Racing Products Offers Race Teams Another Innovative Product:  WiFi Racing Scales

Compact, Lightweight, New WiFi Scales Available in the 2016 Product Line!

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) recently expanded our product high-performance automotive and racecar product line with New WiFi Racing Scales. This New WiFi Scales system includes our newly redesigned, lightweight, compact slim-line design for use with only our 1” standard pads. Our RaceScales are an ideal device pretty much any circuit regarding accurate weight capacity teams and data.  We are now using a web interface with your handheld device/controller and this use Tanner Racing Products software designed specifically for our weight scale and pads.

These new Wireless Radio Frequency Racing Scales are quite handy.  You receive wireless connectivity, usage and data storage option via a web browser interface and the hand held unit is really a good portable device interfaces; use them anytime at the shop, at the racetrack and you will receive the accuracy that you expect from Tanner Racing Products.

New WiFi Scales:  Compact 1” Tall Wireless Racing Weight Scales

Tanner Racing Products announces that you can purchase our revolutionary, compact design we use on the new Ultimate Wireless Radio Frequency Scales.  We are expanding this product line and we will have products WiFi Scales design.  We offer only 1” and our 3” models are still wired.

These new WiFi Scales from Tanner Racing Products, the 1” Tall Wireless Scales, offer a wide range of benefits and features.  The scales are about half the weight of standard Racing Scales or equivalent types of high-performance, high-end automotive weight scales.  You can rely on durable construction, twice the strength of previous models!  The wireless connectivity eliminates all of those cables, and the scales are convenient to use.

Some of the benefits and features of our new WiFi Scales include:

  • —New compact, slim design offer great portability, to the racetrack, etc.
  • —Connect to any network utilizing software from Tanner Racing Products
  • —No external network or Internet required for functionality
  • —Read and control the sales by your preferred web browser or mobile device
  • —Ultimate RF Scales with calibration software
  • —Encrypted, secure connection
  • —Four 1” Tall 15” x 15” Scale Pads
  • —5.7” LCD Touch Screen Display that comes with a Carrying Case
  • —Internal Antenna
  • —Works with most mobile phones, tablets, or computers; you can use the LCD Control Device
  • —Full functionality available when using 5-¼” x 7-½” Control Device
  • —Touch screen is backlit with high contrast display
  • —User selectable display formats
  • —Individual or multiple pad zeroing
  • —Instant display updates
  • —Weight readout in pounds or kilograms
  • —Battery Life Indicator displays percentages
  • —Custom-fitted Carrying Case
  • —AA Platform Batteries last up to 400-hours use
  • Wireless Ultimate RF Scales 15” Pads available
  • Wireless Ultimate RaceScales Jr. 10” Pads available
  • —1-year warranty from Tanner Racing Products

The new WiFi Scales design is compact, travels conveniently, easy to use at the racetrack or the shop. These Scale Pads feature:

  • —New design eliminates torsional twist from high camber loads
  • —6000 lbs. maximum weight capacity
  • —All Billet Aluminum construction
  • —60% less deflection than many scales on the market
  • —Lightweight 1” pads
  • —A full 225 square inches of surface area
  • —Compact design offers easy portability
  • —Pads use inexpensive AA batteries
  • —1-year warranty from Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products Has Additional Weight Scales and Equipment in our Product Line

Tanner Racing Products offers an expanding product line of WiFi racing scales and related product.  Our new WiFi Scales, weight scale, and accessory items offers crew, mechanics and machinists a lot of options on lighter weight vehicle classes.  Some of our other options include:  Wireless Ultimate RF Scales 15” Pads, Wireless Ultimate RaceScales Jr. 10” Pads, Roll Back Tray for 1-Inch WiFi Scales, new wired, slim-line design 1” Tall RaceScales, standard model 10” Ultimate Wireless RaceScale JR, standard model 15” Ultimate Wireless Scales, additional automotive scales, and a wide range of Scale Accessories (Replacement Scale Pads, Roll Back Trays, Billet Roll Back Trays, Roll Back Trays with Steel Feet, a Scale Control Box Case, RaceScale Boxes with 10’ and 18’ cables, a Replacement Wireless Handheld Antenna, a Scale Cart, a Wire Scale Battery Pack, 10” Risers, a Wireless Handheld Control Box, a Steel Leveling Foot, connectors, a Replacement Scale Charger, and other items.

Tanner Racing Products also encourages you to take a look at our Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales, Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales, or 1" Tall Wireless Scales With Roll Back Trays. We also manufacturer 15" Aircraft Scales (3 Pads).

And, don’t forget to review our entire line of high-end automotive and racecar scales and accessory items.  You may review RaceScales by Tanner Racing Products and also you may learn more about our Automotive Scales, Scale Accessories and related products (for example,) in our product catalog:

You may request a printed copy of the catalog or you can download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog.

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