Wireless Radio Frequency Scales

Wireless Radio Frequency Scales:  Racecar Scales, Control System and Accessories

New Wireless Radio Frequency Scales, Pads and Accessories Are Now Available from Tanner Racing Products

Tanner Racing Products (Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool) continue to expand a line of Wireless Radio Frequency Scales, slim-line or 1” Scale Pads, and our handheld Control Box/control device may be used for weight and percentage readouts.  Your data using these scales is also accessible via multi-platform devices or over the Internet using a web browser.  Our new Wireless Radio Frequency Scales (new WiFi Scales) offer user convenience, durability, easy access to data for racecars at the shop or at the racetrack, and are compact for easy portability.

Whether you represent a racing team in NASCAR, NASCAR Sprint, racing truck series, the drag racing circuit, Bandoleros, Formulas racing, Quarter Midgets, or other lightweight classes, then we are sure that you will find these Wireless Radio Frequency Scales, weighing pads, control and data reporting options, and accessories quite useful for your race team. These scales and our other models of scales (15" Aircraft Scales (3 Pads) are also available) are really quite useful for automotive repair shops and racing teams alike.

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Ultimate Wireless Radio Frequency Scales System from Tanner Racing Products

The Ultimate Wireless Radio Frequency Scales System or RF Scales is the preferred, accurate, convenient, portable type of WiFi Scales systems that are used by many teams across a wide range of racing circuits.  Top NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series Teams including the team from Mittler Brothers Motorsports (MB Motorsports), as well as many other circuits, now use portable, lightweight, highly accurate weight scales at the racetrack.  If you race in a different circuit, such as Formula, Bandolero, Quarter Midgets, drag racing, truck racing, Go-Karts, etc., you can rely on accurate weight percentages in lighter weight vehicle classes.

This Wireless RF Scales system obtains accurate, precision readings.  This makes qualification data accurate at the racetrack, and the easily obtained data allows your mechanic(s) and pit crew members to perform their jobs.  Our lightweight design makes traveling with this WiFi Scales system convenient.

This new, Wireless Radio Frequency Scale system includes newly redesigned 1” Tall Wireless Scales, which are our new WiFi Scales system in this product category.  Along with the weight scales or pads and accessory components, the system comes with software direct from Tanner Racing Products.  This software and the scales offer precision measurements and percentage for weight.  Also, this system allows you to utilize mobile devices to access information or a web browser via a computer.  Also, the system comes with a convenient, palm-sized, WiFi Control Panel with an LCD display.  This controller collects all readout data from the scales for precision calibration.

Additionally, this Wireless Radio Frequency Scale system is available in 10” or in the 15” Scale Wireless (WiFi) platforms and your scale controller establishes a networking connection utilizing almost any WiFi capable device, tablet, mobile device, smartphone, laptop, or computer.  Your connection is encrypted and secure for restricted access to vehicle data and readings.

Related product options include:  Billet Roll Back Trays for 1” Scales (learn about our Roll Back Trays for 1-Inch WiFi Scales), Wireless Ultimate RF Scales 15” Pads, Wireless Ultimate RaceScales Jr. 10” Pads, slim, lightweight, new WiFi Scales for aviation uses (15" Aircraft Scales (3 Pads)), and other products available in our Automotive Scales and Scale Accessories product categories.  Our Scale Accessories include:  Replacement Scale Pads, Billet Roll Back Trays, Roll Back Trays, Roll Back Trays with Steel Feet, RaceScale Boxes with 10’ and 18’ cables, a Wireless Handheld Control Box, a Scale Control Box Case, a Replacement Wireless Handheld Antenna, a Wire Scale Battery Pack, a convenient storage Scale Cart, a Steel Leveling Foot, cables, connectors, 10” Risers, a Replacement Scale Charger, and other items.

Tanner Racing Products is known for supporting a wide range of racing circuits with high-end automotive products as well as precision testing and verification equipment including Racing Scales (Tanner RaceScales) and Scale Accessories.  Racing teams may be very interested to learn more about our automotive Set Up Equipment, Leveling Equipment & Tools, Pull Down Rigs, and complete alignment equipment, specifically, Accu-lign Alignment System.  We offer many other high-performance automotive products chosen or manufactured with racing circuits in mind—in fact, some of our products are based on suggestions from our automotive and racing customers.  We do value the input!

Learn About New Tanner Wireless Radio Frequency Scales and Other High-End, Automotive Racing Products

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