48” Econo Radius Brake

48” Econo Radius Brake Expands Mittler Brothers Sheet Metal Brakes Product Line

New 48” Econo Radius Brake Expands the Mittler Brothers Product Line

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool (and, Tanner Racing Products) is expanding our current product line of Sheet Metal Brakes, Econo Radius Brake options, Box & Pan Brakes and related equipment, Radius Brakes, Back Gauge Kits, and other accessories and parts.  If your company requires a reliable, durable, affordable, compact 48” Econo Radius Brake, then be sure to investigate the specifications on this compact, easy-to-use, accurate, ruggedly-designed piece of shop equipment built for your daily use and operations.  This brake is also a great piece of equipment to have in order to work with smaller sheet metal panels or for smaller workpieces.

Contact Mittler Brothers direct with any questions that you have about this new 48” Econo Radius Brake, additional products in our Sheet Metal Brakes category, or about any of our current inventory products, or if you need help with placing orders. You can purchase this item and other shop equipment and machinery direct from the Mittler Brothers online store.  Please note that we also carry other sizes of Radius Brakes, Econo Radius Brakes, Foot Shears, Box & Pan Brakes, and related accessories.

You may call Mittler Brothers locally in Wright City, Missouri, at 636-745-7757; or, your company may call us toll-free at 800-467-2464.  You can reach our sales department by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com.

Affordable, Durable 48” Econo Radius Brake for Sale Direct from the Manufacturer

We are pleased to continue to expand our product line of affordable yet durable and long-lasting Sheet Metal Brakes for Sale.  We indicated that our new Radius Brake model was released as part of our inventory stock—learn more about this 48” Econo Radius Brake on our blog!

This 48” Econo Radius Brake is a very affordable, compact piece of machine shop equipment and is ideal for small machine shops, mechanic’s shop, job shops, automotive repair businesses, for racing teams, and for any business working with sheet metal panels in an industrial or manufacturing capacity.  This smaller and affordable Sheet Metal Brake allows users to work more accurately with shorter sheet metal panels or smaller workpieces.

Is a great addition to your machine shop and is ideal for compact spaces in the shop or if you need to take it with you for jobs or for racecar panel repairs at the racetrack.  This convenient-sized Econo Radius Brake can be mounted on benches or tables for additional use flexibility.  This is definitely one handy piece of equipment to have around your machine shop!

The basic features of the affordable, Mittler Brother 48” Econo Radius Brake (Part#2800-4822RB) features:

  • —An affordable, versatile, compact Sheet Metal Brake that offers the rugged design and flexible-use options of our larger brakes, but engineered for work with smaller workpieces
  • —This 48” Econo Radius Brakes is one more product in our expanding product line of Sheet Metal Brakes, Foot Shears, Box & Pan Brakes and Radius Brakes and related optional accessories
  • —A 48” Econo Radius Brake for sale at the low price of only $1,500
  • —Rugged, durable construction in the body frame and related parts
  • —Compact brake design with most of the same features of our larger brakes
  • —Convenient options for use—use your 48” Econo Radius Brake mounted on work benches or tables
  • —1”, 2” and 3” diameter tubes are included
  • —A Degree Wheel offers accuracy and the option of repeatable bends
  • —Adjustable Bottom Roll
  • —Material Hold Down Clamp
  • —Functionality at a fraction of the cost when compared to competing types of brakes
  • —Additional features...

With our 48” Radius Brake for Sale, and also our new 120” Sheet Metal Brake now available for sale, we continue to expand our product line of machine shop, sheet metal fabrication, Sheet Metal Brakes.  We now offer these two models along with a product line including:  a 4-foot Radius Brake, 6-foot Radius Brake, an 8-foot Radius Brake, and Back Gauge Kits for Radius Brakes.  The new 48” Econo Radius Brake.

You may contact Mittler Brothers with any questions that you have about this 48” Econo Radius Brake available for sale from Mittler Brothers or about purchasing other Sheet Metal Brakes of any of our other machine shop equipment, machinery, tools and accessories.

Review Mittler Brothers Sheet Metal Brakes—We Most Likely Have the Exact Size Brake that Your Shop Requires

Mittler Brothers continues to add to an extensive product line of machine shop equipment.  We offer a wide range of Sheet Metal Brakes and related items designed and engineered for machine shops.  We offer our business customers: Radius Brakes (48” Econo Radius Brake,  a 4’ Radius Brake including 6 Radii, a 6’ Radius Brake with 5 Radii included, or, an 8’ Radius Brake including 5 Radii, a 120” Sheet Metal Brake, and Back Gauge Kit for Radius Brakes), as well as 16 Gauge Sheet Metal Brakes (a 48” 16 Gauge Bench Top Straight Brake, a 72” 16 Gauge Straight Brake, or a 96” 16 Gauge Straight Brake), or, you may be interested in 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Brakes (a 72” 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Straight Brake or a 96” 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Straight Brake).

Mittler Brothers also offers our business customers Foot Shears/Sheet Metal Shears including: an Ultimate 52” x 16 Gauge Foot Shear, and an Ultimate 72” Foot Shear, optional Back Gauge Kits is available, or an optional Retractable Work Support Arms is available.

Mittler Brothers also designs, engineers and manufactures additional machine shop equipment including Ultimate Box & Pan Brakes.  These brakes include an Ultimate 48” 16 Gauge Box & Pan Brake, an Ultimate 48” 16 Gauge Box & Pan Brake with Radius Fingers, and an Ultimate 72” 18 Gauge Box & Pan Brake with Floor Stand.  We also manufacture a range of Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Accessories such as: an Apron Stop, Bolt-on Radius Bars (a Bolt-on ½” Radius Bar for 48” or 72” brakes), or optional Back Gauge Kits (available individually or in pairs), Casters with Mount Bars and related hardware, and other accessory items.  You may want to take a quick look at our Ultimate Box & Pan Brake Fingers, which include different styles in most categories including Finger Assemblies, Upper Finger Assemblies, Radius Fingers, Lock Plates, and additional products.

Contact Mittler Brothers for Your 48” Econo Radius Brake

Visit the Mittler Brothers online store to review our 48” Econo Radius Brake or any of our related Sheet Metal Brakes and accessories, o to review other product categories.  We offer customers an extensive selection of Sheet Metal Brakes and related equipment.  You may purchase most inventory stock items direct from our e-commerce store.

Call Mittler Brothers direct at 636-745-7757, or nationwide at 800-467-2464.  Businesses or individual customers may order direct or feel free to contact our sales team by e-mail at: sales@mittlerbros.com if you have additional questions about this or another product.

Also, you may download the 2016 Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool and Tanner Racing Products catalog, or fill out the form to request a print copy.