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Race teams, auto repair shops, body shops, automotive restoration specialists, machinists and mechanics can rely on automotive rear ends, differential housings, hubs, replacement parts and accessories manufactured by Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  As avid racing enthusiasts ourselves, we design, engineer and fabricate parts for the automotive industry, specialty markets and for the various racing circuits.  We manufacture a wide range of automotive parts to suit NASCAR stock cars, dragsters, Formula 1s, Bandoleros, Quarter Midgets, Mini Cup vehicles and even race circuit Go-Karts!

Our durable, high-end automotive parts are designed to last.  We also custom fabricate parts including housings, billet aluminum 3rd members, custom billet racing crankshafts, and many other parts.  We are the one-stop source for standard and racing automotive rear ends, housings, hubs, rear end narrowing kits, differential housings, axles, and  many other parts and accessories.

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High-End Automotive Rear Ends, Differential Housings and Parts Supply

We can assist your business, mechanics, machinists, race team, pit crews, or other personnel with selecting the best automotive parts, tools and other accessories for specific jobs, repairs or automotive customization projects.  Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products designs, engineers and fabricates a wide assortment of automotive tools, parts, accessories and customization equipment.

Choose the parts you need for a standard model vehicle or for a racecar in the major national circuits.  Our automotive rear ends, differential housing, axles and interrelated parts include:

  • Fabricated Differential Housing – custom rear end housings (Dragster, Tube End, Profab and Road Course); precision CNC-machined housings; CAD/CAM designed; all housings Tig welded; Drain and Fill Plugs installed; precision ground Mounting Plates; differential housing fabricated using 4130 Construction Dragster or mild steel base material; fabricated differential housings are unique Triangulate designs for maximum strength; custom fabrication services available
  • Drag Rear End Brackets – custom fabrication services, please specify material type, thickness and hole sizes; detailed prints available upon request; 3/16” or 1/4” thick, 4130 (molly) or mild steel
  • Rear End Narrowing KitsRear End Narrowing Kit (mechanics can narrow any automotive rear end for racing or rodding with this precision-made kit; also, for 12-Bolt Chevy, Dana 44/60, 8”, 8.8”, 9” Fords); Narrowing Kit for 9” Ford Floater Housings (fabricate precision Floater Housings; includes Inner Blocks for 9” Ford (specify size), Tube Alignment Rings to Square Tube with Center, Snout Alignment Rings, 72” Alignment Bar and Pinion Centering Plate); turned, ground and polished 1-½” Diameter Shafts; Outer Line Up Blocks; Inner Line Up Blocks; and Pinion Centering Plates (12-Bolt Chevy, Dana 60, 9” Ford, 8.8” Ford, 8-¾” Mopar and Oldsmobile)
  • 9” Racing HousingsComplete Floater Housing Assembly (we custom build to any width and any offset); Track 9 Housing Standard Weight (1/8" thick); Track 9 Housing NASCAR Approved (3/16" thick); Econo 9" Ford Housing (3/16" thick); Basic Rear Kit Track 9 (kits use 3” diameter tubing); Basic Rear Kit Econo 9; Housing, Track 9 60-30-30; Housing, Track 9 62 x 31 x 31; or Econo 9" Housing 60 x 30 x 30
  • Rear End Accessories – Big Ford Housing Ends (three styles); Symmetrical/Lamb Housing Ends 3.150” Bore, 3/8” Bolt Holes; Oldsmobile Housing Ends 3.150” Bore 3/8” Bolt Holes;  2-½” Aluminum Filler Cap Assemblies; 1-¼” Fill Cap Assemblies; 1/8” Rear End Vent Fitting and Weld Bung; ½” Rear End Short Drain Bung/Plug; Face Plates Studs (10 per set); Pinion Angle Plate; ¾” P Long Drain Bung/Plug; ¾” P Short Drain Bung/Plug; ¾” Rear End Drain Fill Bung; Vent, 1/8” Bronze; ½” P Long Drain Bung/Plug; ½” Rear End Long Drain Bung; and Road Coarse Housing End
  • Floater Housing Accessories – GN 5X5 Hub Parts (wide variety of parts); Grand National Double Spline Axles (multiple parts sizes); Light Weight Gun Drilled Axles (several parts sizes); Grand National Snouts (four varieties); Spindle Nut Socket; 9" Ford Inner Axle Seals; and High Pressure Lube
  • Axles – Axle, 26.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 27.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 27.5" GN GD, 31-Spl; Axle, 28.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 28.5" GN GD, 31-Spl; Axle, 30.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 30.5" GN GD, 31-Spl; Axle, 31.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 31.5" GN GD, 31-Spl; Axle, 32.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 32.5" GN GD, 31-Spl; Axle, 33.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 34.5" GN Solid, 31-Spl; Axle, 28.0" GN Solid, 28-Spl; Axle, 28.5" GN Solid, 28-Spl; Axle, 30.0" GN Solid, 28-Spl; and Axle, 32.5" GN Solid, 28-Spl axle models
  • Off Road Housings and Hubs – Off Road Rear Hub Kits; Off Road Spindle Snouts; Rotor Adapter Plates; Off Road 5x5 - ½” Hub Parts; Dr. Flng Steel, 24 Spl 5x5-½”; Dr. Flng Steel, 40 Spl 5x5-½”; Off Road Rear Hub Acc 24 Spline – Right; Off Road Rear Hub Acc 24 Spline – Left; Off Road Rear Hub Acc Kit 40 Spline – Right; or, Off Road Rear Hub Acc Kit 40 Spline – Left parts
  • Billet Aluminum 3rd Members – CNC-Machined 3rd Member Billet Aluminum parts; multiple bearing sizes available; fits 9-½” Ring Gears; Pinion Support (drilled for 5 or 10 bolt pattern); and Ring Gear Support Bolt
  • Drive Flanges – Standard Drive Flange 5 x 5 – 6061; Ultimate Drive Flange 5 x 5 – 7075; Steel Drive Flange 24 Spline 5 x 5; and, Bolt Circle Adapters
  • Rear HubsComplete Rear Hub Kits; 5 x 5 Rear Hubs & Parts; Lite-Weight Rear Hub; and Wheel Studs .690" Knurl (length from under head to end)
  • Front Hubs - 5 X 5 Front Hubs & Parts; Impala Front Hubs & Parts;  Rotor Adapter Plates; Rotor Bolts (kits); Light Weight Brake Rotor .810”; and Standard Brake Rotor 1.250” (1-¼”)

American-Made, Automotive Rear Ends and Parts Shipped Worldwide

Located just west of St. Louis, Missouri, we are a domestic automotive parts manufacturer that you can rely on for high-performance parts.  Contact Mittler Brothers about information regarding specific products (feel free to review individual parts descriptions at our online store), or contact us with your questions about equipment, parts, accessories, or custom parts fabrication.  You can call Mittler Brothers toll-free, nationwide at 800-467-2464 or at 636-745-7757.

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We ship products nationwide.  We ship heavier equipment and parts by truck, at freight rates, or LTL (location-to-location).  International companies are welcome to contact us about international availability of equipment and parts and shipping rates.  We ship parts worldwide.

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