Bump Steer Gauge Equipment

Bump Steer Gauge Equipment and Accessories for Automotive and Racing Alignment Applications

American-Made Bump Steer Gauge Equipment

If your race team, pit crew, automotive shop, or mechanics need bump steer gauge equipment and accessories, then be sure to review American-made equipment available direct from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products.  We design, engineer, fabricate and ship our products nationwide and internationally from our facilities just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area in Missouri.

We are proud to be a manufacturer of innovative equipment designed for high-end automotive applications, particularly for racing.  We manufacture standard automotive equipment and products designed specifically for the racing circuits including NASCAR, Formula SAE and the various circuits for vehicle classes under 1,000 lbs.

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Bump Steer Gauge Equipment and Accessories

Tanner Racing Products fabricates highly accurate and useful Bump Steer Gauge Equipment.  Choose from the equipment and accessories that your racing team or mechanics need to perform the job correctly the first time.  Our Bump Steer Equipment and accessories include:

  • Bump Steer Gauge Equipment – our product line includes our standard Bump Steer Gauge and a 1” Dial Indicator; racing alignment equipment for front-end geometry is absolutely essential for high-performance racecars, actually correct front-end geometry setup is even more critical with newer vehicle classes with a coil bind and bump stop.  By correctly setting up front end geometry, your racecar should have more consistent and faster lap times regardless of the racecar classification (stock car, Formula SAE or vehicles in the 1,000 lbs. and under classes).  Additionally, incorrect bump steer settings can allow wheels to turn on their own, as incorrectly set suspension will travel up and down while the vehicle is moving!
    • ——This Bump Steer Gauge Equipment resolves many alignment issues
    • ——Product features include full adjustment to any height; the Bump Steer Gauge will fit 5 x 5 and standard wide 5 hubs on racecars; this equipment also works at ride height or on jack stands; this unit is lightweight and portable and measures on 6” of travel; the equipment also comes with two Dial Indicators
  • One Step Bump Steer Gauge Equipment – our product line of this particular equipment includes our One Step Bump Steer Gauge and a Trick Dial Indicator for this model
    • ——This One Step Bump Steer Gauge offers users the same features as the model above with additional options including
    • ——This model only requires one Dial Indicator for usage
    • ——This equipment fits 5 x 5, 5 x 4-¾ and 5 x 4-½ racecar hubs
    • ——Compact, lightweight portable design makes this ideal shop equipment or for racetrack use
    • ——The One Step Bump Steer equipment provides users a precision-machined Aluminum Wheel Plate
    • ——You can download Bump Steer Gauge Instructions from our company website

Tanner Racing Products Fabricates Other Racecar Alignment Equipment

Once you have a chance to utilize our Bump Steer Gauge Equipment, you may want to consider ordering some of our other automotive alignment equipment for your racing team, pit crew, automotive repair shop or business.  We manufacture additional automotive or racecar setup equipment including Caster/Slip Plates, Turn Plates, Caster/Camber Gauges and Caster/Camber Adapters, a Digital Camber Gauge with a Magnetic Adapter, a Toe Plate Kit, Digital Tread Depth Gauge, a Staggerite Tire Caliper, Stagger Tape, a Stagger Roller, a Nitro Dryer, and Valve Core tools and sets.

Additionally, we manufacture an innovative and revolutionary Accu-lign System that resolves racecar and general automotive suspension access difficulties, it eliminates the need to use roll on pads and ramps, and it improves overall alignment accuracy.  Of course, if you require a custom-made Pull-Down Rig, Leveling Equipment, Adjustment Tools or other general set up equipment and tools, we can accommodate you with our extensive inventory of high-end automotive and racing products, equipment, replacement parts and tools.

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