English Wheel Anvils

English Wheel Anvils, English Wheels and Kits from Mittler Bros.

Equipment for Every Machine Shop

English Wheel anvils, English Wheels and kits are essential tooling and fabrication equipment for every machine shop, repair shop, auto body shop, racing team, parts manufacturer, and for industrial and manufacturing companies. Known throughout the US for durable, American-made fabrication equipment, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products has delivered innovative shop tooling equipment, fabrication tools and parts for over 30 years. With decades of experience in tooling fabrication and manufacturing for automotive equipment fabrication, parts fabrication and custom equipment design and engineering, Mittler Bros. delivers on durable, rugged, long-lasting products.

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English Wheel Anvils, English Wheels and Accessories

As racing fans, we know how useful an English Wheel, power hammers, Planishing Hammers, notchers, tube benders and metal brakes are for custom design, repairs and parts replacement (panels for instance) for teams on the racing circuits. Our products are rugged, but affordable. In fact, we make a considerable effort in designing long-lasting equipment priced affordably for racing teams, machine shops, automotive repair shops and other small businesses.

Accessories and English Wheel anvils and complete rolls for all Mittler Bros.’ English Wheels includes:

  • English Wheel Anvils – Complete Anvil Rolls
    • English Wheel Flat Anvil Roll
    • 12" Radius English Wheel Anvil Roll
    • 8-1/2" Radius English Wheel Anvil Roll
    • 5" Radius English Wheel Anvil Roll
    • 3-1/4" Radius English Wheel Anvil Roll
    • 2-3/8" Radius English Wheel Anvil Roll

Our reliable, dependable, well-constructed English Wheel sets include six anvil wheels at 2 ½” diameter, 2” wide – flat, 12” radius at ¾” flat, 8-½” radius at ¾” flat, 5” radius at 3/8” flat, 3-¼” radius at ¼” flat, and 2-3/8” radius at 1/8” flat.

Our bench-mount English Wheels, kits, accessories, replacement parts and equipment includes:

English Wheel anvils and English Wheels are useful tools for racing teams and small businesses alike. English Wheels are essential fabricating equipment for sheet metal fabrications with complex curves or bends. If you are designing, prototyping, performing automotive customization, classic car restorations, miscellaneous parts fabrication, or creating unique or specific-use parts, then be sure to get English Wheel, anvils and accessories direct from the manufacturer—Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products.

Custom Industrial Automation – Consulting, Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Besides manufacturing English Wheel anvils, English Wheels, power hammers, Planishing hammers, sheet metal brakes and other useful machine shop equipment, we also provide consulting services. Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products provides consultation, design, engineering and fabrication services for industrial automation equipment and industrial tooling equipment.

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