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Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products produces essential metal fabrication equipment, English Wheels, and accessories. As racing enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important having the right machinist’s tools can be, particularly for race teams, auto body shops, repair shops, and for classic vehicle restorations. English Wheels are an essential tool for sheet metal fabrication and if your business is in automotive repair, restoration, parts fabrication or classic car restoration, then you know how difficult it can be to find the right machinery for making complex curves for sheet metal panel and parts replacement.

Mittler Bros. manufacturers a wide range of sheet metal fabrication equipment that is essential for customized automotive parts fabrication—and our products are used for fabricating parts for aircraft, boating/marine applications and for general manufacturing nationwide.

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Compound Curves from Sheet Metal

English Wheels are manually operated machinery that is used to form compound curves from sheet metals. Typically, sheet metals include aluminum, mild steels, alloys or other soft metals. In use in machine shops or parts fabricators, English Wheels frequently are employed for making curved sheet metal parts such as fenders, panels, and other automotive parts, aircraft skin, hulls and structures on boats, and many other parts.

Wherever you need compound sheet metal fabrication tools for forming complex curves, you need an English Wheel.

Our English Wheels and accessory equipment include:

English Wheel sets include six anvil wheels at 2 ½” diameter, 2” wide – flat, 12” radius with ¾” flat, 8-½” radius with ¾” flat, 5” radius with 3/8” flat, 3-¼” radius with ¼” flat, 2-3/8” radius with 1/8” flat.

All of our English Wheels are made of durable steel plate and are heat treated and hard turned. This production methodology provides the best finish and concentricity.

English Wheels Made in the USA!

The Mittler Bros. product line of English Wheels is manufactured in Missouri. We ship products nationwide to repair shops, auto body shops, racing teams and classic automotive restoration enthusiasts, parts manufacturers, and to many other business customers. We are pleased that are automotive and machine tooling equipment are “Made in the USA.”

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