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Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products produces a wide range of durable, precision tools, equipment, flare tools, flares, punches, dies and other products that are ideal for automotive repair shops, parts manufacturers, race circuit teams, auto body shops and small machine shops. We manufacture our products in the USA and have over 30 years of experience in innovative equipment and tooling design.

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Mittler Bros. produces a wide range of flare tools and tooling accessories including flares and punches. Our automotive punch and flare sets or individual products range from 1” to 3”, 1” to 3” on punch and bead sets, automotive flare sets/automotive flare tools ranging from ½” to 2 ½”, flare tool kits and dashboard punches. We also manufacture a wide range of pipe and tubing fabrication equipment, benders, sheet metal brakes, cutters, handheld tools, bead rollers and other automotive tools. We also produce high-quality aircraft tools including aviation flare tools, flares and punches.

Automotive Product Lines and Uses

Using the correct automotive flare tools for the job is essential for maintenance, repair and parts production for vehicles. Tube-flare leaks usually occur due to improper tooling, improper manual flaring of tubing or due to improper installations. Hard-lines, usually fluid-line tubing, are critical to fuel and braking systems in most vehicles; also, these are frequently used in disc-brake conversions, carburetors and intakes. Hose lines (flexible lines, rubber lines) are generally vacuum lines. Fuel lines and brake lines are generally made of combinations of materials, steel-braided or woven. Tapered pipefittings are generally machine-tooled and male and female ends screw together. There is always a chance of the threads not mating perfectly.

Automotive tubing lines are flared at 37˚ or 45˚ frequently, and can be difficult to flare properly without the correct tools. Flared automotive tubing can be categorized generally as:

  • Hard-line Single Flare – generally this should be a stainless steel, although stainless steel tubing is not really “seamless” even though it is usually marketed as such
  • Hard-line Double Flare – double flare at the end double back on itself with the outside surface being the sealing to prevent splitting at the seam; this is production line/manufactured tubing in most cases
  • Other flares include “AN” flares (originally, Army/Navy) available in 45˚, 90˚, Bango fittings; and more complex “O-Ring” fittings and difficult crimps

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Flexibility-in-use and durable construction for long-lasting tools, presses, benders, cutters, or other equipment is what every machine shop needs. Our products are also quite handy for manufacturers and industrial companies requiring at-location metalworking and fabrication for product assembly, repairs or other uses.

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