Hydraulic Press Pumps

Hydraulic Press Pumps for Machine Shop Bench Presses

Hydraulic Press Pumps

Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products designs, engineers and manufacturers hydraulic press pumps, Louver presses, 5-ton bench presses, 10-ton bench presses, tube bending equipment, notchers, English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, power hammers, and a wide selection of essential machine shop equipment. Although many of our products are designed and manufactured for automotive uses (primarily cars, racecars and vehicles under 1000 lbs.), our products are cost-effective solutions for many marine/boating, aviation/aircraft, parts fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, industrial, construction and other uses.

Our products are durable, dependable and flexible-use in most cases. Additionally, we offer a wide range of accessories for most equipment systems.

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Hydraulic Press Pumps and Accessories for Machine Shop Presses

The Mittler Bros. product line of hydraulic press pumps and hydraulic press accessories includes:

  • Hydraulic Bench Press (5 Ton) – requires a hydraulic pump for actuation and usage; bench press has a 5 ton hydraulic cylinder; accessory pumps include
    • Air Hydraulic Pump with Fitting and 6' Hose
    • Electric Hydraulic Pump with Fitting and 6' Hose
  • Hydraulic Bench Press (10 Ton) – uses the following pump accessories
    • Electric Hydraulic Pump with Fitting a 10’ Hose
  • Hydraulic Press Pumps
    • Air or Electric Hydraulic Pumps with Fitting and a 6' Hose
    • Air or Electric Hydraulic Pumps with Fitting and a 10’ Hose
    • Air or Electric Hydraulic Pumps with Fitting and a 20’ Hose (Louver Press)
  • Wide selection of additional press, bench press, Louver press and other accessories to expand the capabilities of your presses

With flexible-use equipment, tools, parts, accessories and even powerful hydraulic press pumps for 5-ton, 10-ton and Louver presses and other fabrication equipment, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products meets the needs of race teams, small shops, machinists, parts fabricators and even larger manufacturing or industrial companies.

Products Designed for Real-World Applications

All of our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured for a long life; and with over 30 years of innovative design experience, we have some of the most durable products available for smaller businesses and individuals. We also design larger, custom industrial automation equipment and tools per client specifications and requirements.

Some of the companies that use our standard or specialty parts and equipment include:

  • Automotive repair shops, auto body shops, and machine shops for companies with fleet vehicles
  • Classic car restoration aficionados
  • Racing teams, NASCAR circuit, other racing including Formula SAE, Bandolero, quads, quarter-midgets, Go-Karts, and many other racing vehicles in class weights under 1000 lbs.
  • Aircraft, airplane, aviation parts manufacturers (airplane fuselages, airplane skin/panel manufacturing and parts fabrications), maintenance and repair companies
  • Vintage airplane restoration enthusiasts and pilots
  • Boating/marine companies including panels and parts for boats, yachts, recreational water vehicles/equipment and repair companies
  • Assembly companies
  • Industrial companies
  • General parts manufacturers
  • Custom parts fabricators
  • And, many more...

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