Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses – Automotive Fabrication Equipment

Speed up your automotive or general metal fabrication with hydraulic presses and bench presses from Mittler Bros.  Mittler Bros. is a leader in manufacturing equipment that is ideal for racecars, quarter midgets, go-karts, Formula 1 racecars, and general automotive parts fabrication and repairs.  Your shop, industrial facility, parts supply business or racing team needs equipment designed for in-house parts production, sheet metal work, metal forming/finishing, and for other tasks.

Mittler Bros. manufacturers parts, machinery and custom fabrications in the USA, just west of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  We manufacture durable, long-lasting parts and machinery designed to withstand high-usage work environments.  With Mittler Bros. products, you can always rely on high quality supplies and parts.

Contact Mittler Bros. about Hydraulic Presses and Bench Press Accessories

Business Callers--Nationwide and International:  1-800-467-2464

Local Missouri Calls: 636-745-7757

Mittler Bros. Hydraulic Presses, Bench Presses and Accessories

Some of the hydraulic presses, hydraulic bench press accessories and manual presses available direct from Mittler Bros. includes presses in the popular “Mittler Blue” series such as:

  • Hydraulic Bench Presses – 5 ton and 10 ton units; electric and air pumps, fittings, hoses; our hydraulic bench presses are made from rugged 3/8” plate construction; can be used as a Standard Arbor Press; also, our hydraulic presses use standard punches and flares for round, oblong and square holes
  • Hydraulic Bench Press Accessories
  • Louver Punches – louver starter kits that include everything you need to mount and start using your Mittler bench presses; 1” to 5” standard kits; 3” dome louver; we also stock individual louver punches including 1” to 5” sets, dome louvers, urethane louver blocks, and punch stripper assemblies
  • Manual Bench Press – 3 ton capacity; fits Mittler standard punches and flares; square, round and oblong hole press features; rugged, durable construction
  • Bench Press Accessories – punch and die mounting kits; hex, oblong, rectangle, round, and square punches/dies; metric round punch dies; louver starter kits; Dzus punches, corner radius punches, louver dies; shear plates; shear tooling assembly; corner punch assembly; 90˚ bend kits for bench presses

Mittler Bros. and Tanner Racing Products offer a wide range of standard, specialty and custom fabrications for racecars, go-karts, quarter midgets, Formula 1 racecars, NASCAR racecars, and product for many other automotive or custom automotive requirements.

We also stock a wide range of powered and manual metal forming hand tools and mountable work stands.  Whatever you need for your racing team, for you automotive and/or classic car restorations, or for custom-built or modified cars and vehicles, Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products it the Midwest leader in custom auto parts and equipment.

Contact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products for Automotive Hydraulic Presses and Accessories

Call Mittler Bros.: 636-745-7757